I can hit you, but you can’t hit me back

Like most people, I don’t have a whole lot of love for bullies.

Aside for disliking their cruel and often cowardly nature, I also detested their hypocrisy.

I still remember when I was in the 9th grade and this chump who used to sit behind me always making fun of me and sharing lots of laughs at my expense with the monkey sitting next to him.

One day I had enough, turned around and yelled at him, “Why don’t you shut your fucking mouth you piece of shit!

The classroom went dead silent.

His face washed over and shock…and then (unbelievably enough) he turned to the teacher, as if indicating to him that he had to “take care of me” for my foul language and aggression.

My teacher shook his head side-to-side in a no gesture at the bully and told him to suck it up. Our teacher had clearly heard the bully pestering me, but I guess he wanted me to take care of my own problem. Once I had, I was given free pass.

The PQ separatists are the 9th grade bully, constantly pestering federalists, Anglos and immigrants alike, but always in the same guarded way the high schooler does it – on guard.

For those of you readers who can’t read French, believe me, you’re missing out.

Most of what I read in the comments sections of Francophone news sites and blogs completely obliterates the argument that seps simply want out of Canada because they have their “own vision” of how things should be.

If you could read French, you would very clearly see that most seps hate “non pur-lainers” simply for the fact that they’re not part of the club.

They utterly despise Anglo-Canadians and have a deep-seeded resentment of immigrants.

From under-handed, under-the-breath jabs to very blatant attacks in the form of Bill 60, these bullies delight in any shot they can take…until the wind blows it back in their faces.

This glaring double-standard bubbled to the surface this week when the visiting German president, Joachim Gauck pronounced himself in favour of a unified Canada.

What’s Good For The Gander Ain’t Good For The Loonie

It was not even two weeks prior to Gauck’s comment that the PQ had sent a formal delegation to Scotland to “observe” the referendum.


Take a close look at what Alexandre Cloutier is holding in his left hand:

So, our separatist friends are free to invite themselves to a foreign country and deliberately choose a side and become actively involved in proclaiming what the outcome of the referendum should be, but a politician from Germany can’t make a 20-second expression of joy over Canada being united?

So far, the only bacon the PQ has been able to serve up on this one is that since Cloutier is not an elected LEADER, then it’s OK.

Welcome to the magical land discovered by late night talk show personality, Jonathan Stewart – Bullshit Mountain.

But to the PQ’s credit, it’s not just OK for them to interfere in the political squabbles of others.

In some cases, it’s perfectly admissible for foreign dignitaries to voice their opinions on Quebec’s status…so long as it’s in the separatists favor.

Je Me Souviens…

…or the time a rancid ball of dried-up foreskin (that’s borrowed…too rich to pass up) showed up on our doorstep to make the now infamous declaration of…

Yes, he may be from France, a country that is foreign to Quebec, but since he’s down with the separatists, an exception can be made for his “meddling”.

Besides, his declaration is only four words long, so all those separatists with a 3rd grade reading level can understand it.

And…and…it looks fucking awesome on a tshirt!

The End of Accountability

Just a week ago, a gang of angry, discouraged sepies who haven’t had sex in a very long time, decided to have a pow-wow to discuss why their movement is waning so quickly.

Of course, looking at the real reason, is too painful.

Forget about accepting that setting a highly-damaging culture of double-standards might be a huge root cause, they talked about how Quebec’s youth just requires more indoctrination than the previous generation.

The reason the sovereignist movement ended up on it’s ass (or as GrandpaParizeau calls it, a field of ruins), is because a minority of bullies picked on the wrong kid.


What Liberal Popularity Means to Quebec Society

shitwolf mr lahey shitstorm

Had myself a sweet surprise when I visited the La Presse website this morning…in a big, bold headline, the lead piece in the Politics category announced that despite massive cuts to public spending, the Couillard-led Liberals are riding the wave, baby.

Music to my ears.

Here’s the breakdown in two easy bullets:

  • 43% of voters approve of the job Couillard is doing (this is the six-month point in the Liberal mandate). To put that into contrast, when Marois’ mandate hit the six-month mark, she had only 21% of public support.
  • 36% of Francophones have adopted the CAQ as their preferred party – proof that the general nature of a people can change and we may see a more conservative nature in the next generation of the Quebecois.

It was just yesterday that I was listening to the parliamentary debates (online) between the three major parties and it just keeps on becoming more clear why the separatist movement is over…

First it has to do with points made in this article.

Second, the Parti Quebecois, in being a party of ONE purpose (sovereignty), is desperately grasping at straws to define itself, as exemplified by their interim leader.

I watched on as Stéphane Bédard tried in vain to play down the planned TransCanada pipeline that is slated for construction.

Bédard hates Canada, but he sure is Canadian when British Columbia refused to have a pipeline built through it’s back yard.

Couillard, it was clear to see, was trying his best not to bust out and laugh right in Bédard’s face.

If I had been the one fielding Bédard’s questions, I would have immediately pointed out that most of the members of his caucus ARE CAR OWNERS themselves.

Sure is fun to use gas for one’s own uses, but God forbid you should be the one funnelling the shit, huh?

So in effect, I think I just f’d up – the PQ does have an identity beyond sovereignty…they’re the Have-My-Cake-And-Eat-It-Too party.

So Much For 2015…

The PQ’s opponents aren’t the only ones to smell blood – the members of the party know they’ve gone from waist-deep in shit to being nose-deep.

They recently watched on as a powerful YES campaign in Scotland got massively derailed.

With sovereignty on the Quebec side is inching closer and closer to 25% support and now, their interim leader is getting only 7% public support, what happened in Scotland was the last thing they needed.

The PQ’s original plan was to elect a new leader in or around April 2015.

With the Scottish dream dead, that plan just got tossed out the window.

Prime candidates (Véronique Hivon comes to mind) are dropping out of consideration to clear the way and accelerate the process.

But it appears to already be too late.

Take the Journal de Montreal website, for example.

The panels you see on the index page are controlled by an algorithm that shuffles the stories up, down and off the page based on the story’s popularity and age.

It used to be that ANY articles about the election of a party leader would spark debate and conversation in general, and as such, spark repeat visits to the same article, keeping it higher up on the JdM index page.

Yet lately, all stories pertaining to PKP, Lisée, Drainville or Cloutier taking the helm have been biting the dust considerably fast.

The only thing worse than hatred is indifference and the PQ can clearly see that no one gives a shit about what goes on in their camp, save for the same old typical Neanderthals that attend anti-shindigs like this one.

Just one word of advice to our friends – when you find yourself in quicksand, struggling just makes you sink faster. 😉

Why the “Yes” side deserves a loss

Scottish Independence Quebec

I’m going to make this short and fast.

After observing the way the Scottish independence campaign has been rolling out, I smell the same filthy waft of shit coming from the Yes side as I’ve seen (and smelled) from the OUI side.

The reason the YES & OUI sides are underserving of a victory is not a question of right over wrong or of good over evil.

It’s about respecting the laws of Darwinism.

Take a good hard look at that picture above.

Can you read the placards?

End Tory rule forever, Vote Yes


Because there’s no such thing as a conservative Scot, right?

The knuckle-draggers who are so utterly devoid of intellect to believe that sovereignty would have the power to eliminate an entire political orientation is enough to show us that we cannot allow the natural balance to be tipped.

We all know this line of thinking from our own experiences here in Quebec. Honky see, honky do.

On Facebook, I’ve been observing what’s been going on over on the walls of my Scottish friends (they’re not Yessers), and believe me, it ain’t pretty.

The anti-English rhetoric is ramping up big time and Alex Salmond, even if he loses today, will have opened up a  nasty can of worms that will not be re-closed for many moons to come (ask me how I know, Mr. Salmond).

All first-world secessionist movements are shams.

They’re drummed up by power-hungry nationalists with a fixation on personal profit and prestige.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Once they decide to enact their plans to gain immense powers, the first stop on the campaign is ALWAYS to the lowest common denominators (like those holding up the placards in that picture).

You go to the Dundees of Scotland where there are the highest levels of unemployment and the lowest levels of education and you talk your best game about your scapegoat. In Quebec, you’re hitting up the Hochelagas and the Saguenays.

You hit the dingiest pubs and employ the likes of this rank hillbilly.

To anyone reading, who prizes a society that is powered by vision, spirit and acumen, do not hand your future over to a bunch of low-wattage thugs. This goes just as equally for Scotland as it does for Quebec.

“Nationalism is an infantile thing. It is the measles of mankind.”  ― Albert Einstein

“Nationalism is a silly cock crowing on his own dunghill.” – Richard Aldington

“During times of war, hatred becomes quite respectable even though it has to masquerade often under the guise of patriotism.” – Howard Thurman

“Patriot: the person who can holler the loudest without knowing what he is hollering about.” – Mark Twain

“When a whole nation is roaring patriotism at the top of its voice, I am fain to explore the cleanness of its hands and purity of its heart.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Why a Scottish YES does not equal a Quebec OUI

In the last post, Mr. Cunningham wrote: “This is slightly off-topic, but although I doubt this will happen, IF Scotland votes to become independent in a few weeks there will instantly be talk in Quebec of following Scotland’s example.”


Where do I even begin with this turd?

Well, first I’d like to address Mr. Cunningham’s statement.

There’s no doubt that a win for Scotland would breed some excitement for the sovereignists.

Keyword here = sovereignists.

A Yes victory in Scotland would invigorate those who already have a desire to split from Canada…and those who wish to part ways with Ottawa are dropping in numbers.

We need to factor in two very key elements:

1) No matter what happens, the Parti Quebecois will not lead the province of Quebec until 2018 at the very least. That’s four long years for the raving herd to calm down again.

2) Unlike the Charest government, Couillard is showing some Couilles and doing what needs to be done. It’s brutal, it’s not pretty, but it’s what Quebec has needed for a long time. He’s even about to slice the throat of one of Quebec’s most sacred cows: subsidized daycare. By the time the Liberals’ four-year mandate ends they will have undercut a huge part of the sovereignists’ main argument that ‘Le Federal’ is keeping them poor.

It was just last April that less than 26% of the population voted for the Parti Quebecois, whose #1 article for existence is independence. For those of you who’ve forgotten, a Liberal victory was confirmed within about 15 minutes of the polls closing.

A Liberal majority was declared within the hour. The last time I saw something so devastating was in 2011, when Gilles Duceppe was sent to his political grave, courtesy of the NDP.

Depending on where you get your stats from, but support for sovereignty is hovering between 28% to 31%.

In a ‘better’ year, the rate will be closer to 40% to 45%.

But for the time being, we can reasonably assess sovereignist support at the 29% mark.

That’s a far cry from the 50% + 1 formula those wavers of the habitant flag pine for so much.

“Les Francos se réveillent!!”

We all know who uttered those words and which group was originally mentioned in place of ‘les Francos’.

But it’s the for the very reason that the Francos are waking up and smelling the bullshit that the separatist dream is dying.

If you take the time to visit the comments section of the Sol Zanetti video, you’ll see that several pro-Canada commentors are Francophones dutifully debunking the pre-programmed mess of canned claims from the seps.

As you pour through the comments you’ll find the separatists churning out fudged numbers over how much Quebec pays out to Ottawa versus what it gets back.

You’ll read about how ‘they’ trusted Canada on two occasions and got screwed in the end as a result. Which brings me to one key point in Zanetti’s tirade that I haven’t seen anyone call him on.

He proclaims that the Quebecois “trusted” Canada twice, yet are we to believe that he voted NON in the ’95 referendum? Let’s face it, we don’t need a copy of his ballot to know which box he checked off, so he has no place playing the deceived victim.

‘Les Francos’ are waking up to the fact that it wasn’t Canada that screwed them.

They got screwed by incompetent separatists like Zanetti.

They got screwed by the very bi-partisan criminals who are getting grilled one-by-one at the Charbonneau Commission.

Most voters are finally starting to get it: the people who push for Quebec’s sovereignty the hardest, are those who couldn’t give two shits about it. They only want it because to stand to make massive personal gains should the event come to pass.

I’m not done with Sol Zanetti yet…

Before wrapping up, I wanted to list my favourite nuggets from the Zanetti video and invite you to add your own comments. 

Zanetti is the perfect example of the lowest common denominator among separatists: he’s arrogant, assumptive, xenophobic and dishonestly skews stats to suit his arguments.

Here. We. Go.:

1. “The Scottish battalion defeated the French troops to capture Quebec. How thoughtful – now we share a queen.”

2. “We have tried to change things with democratic referendums.”

3. “We lost veto powers, health care spending, education spending is down to the dogs of war”

4. “Vote NO and you’ll be the laughing stock of the world…and me”

One comment that summed up the separatist opinion on Scotland quite perfectly:

Et dire que quand le Fédéral se “mèle” des dossiers du Québec, Nos séparatiste et quelques Libéraux déchire leurs chemises sur la place publique et crie au Québec Bashing et que le monde devrait se mêler de leur affaire et laisser le Québec régler leur dossier…

Le deux poids deux mesures de notre chère gogauche…

And you can read many more like it here.

Alpha Elites vs. Bottom-Feeding Bums: A look at where federalism is going vs. where the sovereignist movement is not

So tell me, are you tiring of the theme of this blog’s last few posts?

You know, the theme that points out just how hurting the separatist movement happens to be?

Well, I’m not.

I’ve waited for what feels like ages to brutally kick the separatist movement while it’s down – it deserves every strike.

I (quite easily) predicted in-fighting for all those aspiring to lead the PQ, and though we won’t find out who the party’s next leader will be until April 2015, the bickering and clanning has already begun.

But that’s not today’s topic.

Today’s post is inspired by coincidental contrasts.

Just this morning, three members of the CAQ publicly declined the invitation the federal Conservatives extended to have them run in the 2015 elections. 

The three members of the CAQ who were approached are Gérard Deltell, Éric Caire and François Bonnardel.

Doesn’t matter what political banner you fly, you have to admit that these three men are top-shelf performers and it’s no mystery why Stephen Harper’s people coveted their presence on the C-Team.

Where you hit the contrast point is when you match up where the Conservatives are going and where the Couillard Liberals are already at with their team, and size it up to the recent headlines in the separatist camp, which come across as little more than pathetic and laughable.


Just as the three CAQuistes politely declined Harper’s advances, it also became public that Rambozo Gauthier has been approached by Mario Bealieu‘s team to run in the federal election.


By the time the elections do come around the Bloc Quebecois will be a team of one (Claude Patry has stated he will not seek re-election, leaving Louis Plamondon as the only sitting member of the party).

After watching the party he adopted dissolve within months of his taking the helm, Bealieu is making it clear that he is completely out of touch with his audience.

Instead of trying to mend fences with the big separatist players he’s alienated, he’s bringing on the biggest fruitcakes he can find.

I was one of the few federalists to be overcome with glee when Beaulieu became an official figurehead for the movement, but to have a trailer park goon like Gauthier would truly be from heaven.

And of course, how could we forget about our favourite heretic, Michel Brûlé, who recently expressed interest in taking over the Parti Québécois?

At the rate things are going, the separatist movement will soon be inextricably tied in with uneducated redneck racists, which will ultimately prove to be a sour turn-off to separatist-sympathizers who rank above the poverty line.

The “premium” seps have either flown the coup and moved on the greener pastures or are gradually coming to terms with the fact that if they do have another referendum, it won’t be for a long time…which of course always bring them back to the starting point.

Quebec, a two-party province sans sovereignty?

“Mercredi, le chef caquiste François Legault a répété que son parti «nationaliste moderne» sera l’alternative aux libéraux à la prochaine élection.”

This statement was featured in the JdM.

While this is standard pre-party convention fare, it’s a very realistic outcome nonetheless.

For years, federalists in Quebec have asked themselves…

“Why can’t we just have a system like all the other provinces where we get to choose between left-center-right and have them govern over areas such as the economy, health and infrastructure instead of national status?”

Looks like we might actually see this reality for the first time since the UN – Lesage era.

While some separatists are likely to hit back at Legault with claims that he’s engaging in some partisan poo-pooing, the numbers have a life of their own:

In 2012, the PQ took the win, but with only 31% of the vote, they were little more than lame-duck champions.

In 2014, they took only 25% of the vote, making them a lame-duck opposition.

So can anyone blame Legault for making his projection when the CAQ came so close to forming the opposition?

Of course not.

If anything, it’s more of a question of who will make up the left.

Let’s not kid ourselves – Quebec Solidaire is a clown caucus. I’ve known a few of its members/supporters and I am telling you we’re talking welfare-wignut city here.

Thomas Mulclair can clearly see the opening in the field and that’s why he called for the development of a Quebec provincial NDP.

One problem:

Next Quebec elections will be taking place in 2018.

Next Federal elections are set for next year.

Should the NDP take the ass-whooping that’s expected at the hands of the Liberals, it could severely hamper their attempts to set up a camp in Quebec in time for the 2018 race.

At least they can console themselves with the fact that the BQ won’t even be around to take a face-plant.

Whether or not the NDP makes it to the dance in 2018, it sure will be refreshing to watch the bulk of the votes go to the centre and right-wing parties.

In wrapping up, my question is, how long until the CAQ absorbs this party?