Quebec separatists invite themselves to meddle in Scotland/England’s referendum

ecosse quebec

Can’t say I’m surprised.

This week, Martine Ouellet, Mathieu Traversy and Alexandre Cloutier are inviting themselves to Scotland’s big party.

As someone who has lived in both Scotland and Quebec, I feel very apt to be speaking about this subject, so here’s me rolling up my sleeves and getting ready to wallop our seppie friends.

Hmmm…where to even begin?

Oh yeah – racism.

Racism WILL be found everywhere you go.

It’s a sad, unfortunate fact about human nature.

However, as humanity continues to evolve, racism appears to lend itself to a shrinking minority of troglodytes.

While I have been exposed to the loutish mentalities of Scotland’s “schemies“, football hooligans and rednecks from northern hamlets who’ve moved to Glasgow to find work rattling off about “nig-nogs” and “dem pakis”, no Scottish government has drafted anything resembling the dreaded Charte des Valeurs.

Aside from those bumpkins I described, Scots are quite open to outsiders (they don’t have much of a choice since dozens of European cultures are just a few miles away and Edinburgh is the tourist destination it happens to be.

Ever been to Scotland?

Let’s compare its Indian population to that of Montreal’s.

Indians in both Scotland and the ROUK (see what I did there?) freely mix with the local population, while Montreal’s Indian population has been relegated to “the Blue Line”.

Of course, you can’t expect a couple of PQ half-wits to pick up on these details.

In their deluded little minds (and Ouellet has done quite the stellar job of showing us how intellectually inept she happens to be), these tools see themselves as new-age William Wallaces, V.Q.

They see the Scots as a fellow “oppressed population” fighting the same noble fight for “emancipation”.

NEWS FLASH: Scots DO NOT see themselves that way (oppressed & needing emancipation). They haven’t felt that way for close to a thousand years.

Unlike Quebec separatists, most of them can get over something that happened in such a distant past.

I can assure you that the people of Scotland do not, in any way, share separatist Quebec’s notorious low self-esteem.

The Scots are descended from warriors…whereas Quebec was settled by convicted thugs who were abandoned to the English by the same lineage of French nobles who abandoned Scotland to the English in their time of need.

“Ni ingérence, Ni indifférence”

That was and still is my personal position on Scotland’s plight for independence.

Unlike some of the ungrateful immigrants who migrate to Canada by way of Quebec and choose to align themselves with the separatists, I feel that there are certain issues that I and others just don’t belong to.

I detain a British passport, yet would have abstained from participating in either side of a referendum simply for the fact that I feel the national question there is for the locals who’ve lived their entire lives there to decide.

The only exception to that self-imposed rule would have been if I had started a business while in Scotland and I determined that the referendum could pose a hazard to my enterprise.

Something tells me that if Stephen Harper were to fly over to London and stand by David Cameron’s side, Quebec’s separatists would be making the kind of comments I don’t even need to write, you can already imagine them.

But hey, what else can be expected from Martine Ouellet, Mathieu Traversy and Alexandre Cloutier? They are after all descended from the criminal degenerates that were forced into settling Quebec…it’s only natural that their faculties for reason and logic fall short.

Ultimately, I believe it’s in Scotland’s best interest to remain a part of the U.K. 

At the time I write this, the British Pound continues to out-perform the Euro and despite what some media centres might have you believe, there really isn’t a whole lot of tension between the Scots and the English.

Sure, just like you have here, a few Loch will refer to their southern cousins as “wankers”, but as mentioned earlier, hillbillies are a part of every culture.

Having lived in Edinburgh, I can tell you the cost of living up in those parts is quite high and some naive members of Scotland’s population might not be aware of what they’re setting themselves up for.

With all that said however, if the “NO” side manages to crush the opposite, I look forward to seeing the smug arrogance on the faces of the PQ delegates wash away to misery and dread.

They don’t give a shit about the Scots OR the English.

Without giving a good goddamn about the pain a winning “YES”  victory will cause for both sides on everything from economic impact to  family relations, their only interest is to see the movement that echos their own get through.

The narcissism that is nationalism in purest form.

While it’s not their referendum, bearing witness to the loss of a “Yes” side for the first time is exactly what these opportunists deserve to endure.


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