Paradigm Shift vs. The Lunatics Running The Asylum

paradigm shift:


1. a dramatic change in the paradigm of a scientific community, or a change from one scientific paradigm to another.

2. a significant change in the paradigm of any discipline or group:
Putting skilled, tenured teachers in failing schools would cause a paradigm shift in teaching and education.

I’ve been going on a lot about the Bloc Quebecois lately, and to be honest, who can blame me?

What happened in 2011 was enough of a shock – but to see the party shrivelling up to two members (one of which is a flight risk who is liable to leave at any time, despite his media soundbites), is almost surreal.


The ground-breaking events we’re bearing witness to are about a fundamental change the people of Quebec know they must enact if they want any hope of carrying forward.


The latest impact to affect the Bloc comes in the same week that not only Bill 3 is being pushed forward with little in the way of amendments, but finance minister Carlos Leito boldly announced that…

Le pire est à venir

One needs to define what “the worse” means to them.

When it comes to spending cuts, one man’s dread is another man’s tax break.

What’s encouraging about all this is that if you read all the comments in that article linked to Leito’s quote, you’ll see the vast majority of participants are FOR cuts to social services.

The people are clearly seeing that increasing their quality of life doesn’t come by way of voting OUI or NON, it comes by way of voting for parties that will make your 40-hour work week seem a little more worth it.

That’s why when Convservative MP Denis Lebel proclaimed that “Les Québécois sont plus conservateurs qu’on le pense,” he wasn’t just whistlin’ Dixie out of his asshole.

The general population is waking up to the fact that even with their province being financially propped up by Ottawa, they can’t make ends meet.

They’re seeing (quite clearly) that a sovereign Quebec could in no way afford it’s citizens $7/day daycare, free healthcare with wait times of less than 72 hours, locally-produced cheeses that match market value or for that matter, buying beer at the dep.

That’s right – Quebec would be in such a pinch, I would bet my last QuePeso that the state would claim ALL alcohol sales in an attempt to capture any revenue within its desperate reach.

The Bloc isn’t dying because sovereignty is out of vogue – it’s dying because Jean-Francois wants to go to Cuba this winter and has to manage the cost of this trip around two kids, a mortgage and $43K a year in salary.

Sovereignty is dying because Guillaume (43-years old) needs to have his wisdom teeth removed and can’t afford the surgery with the money he makes with his demolition job…

…but the fireman (also 43-years old) who put out the fire that consumed the building Guillaume is tasked with demolishing, can use Guillaume’s taxes to have his wisdoms removed AND retire in a couple of years while Guillaume has to keep schlepping another 20 years.

Quebec is a quite an idealistic state…if you’re the fireman. But if you’re Guillaume, you’re beginning to see that at the end of the day, it’s not about who you pledge allegiance to, Quebec City or Ottawa – it’s about who’s got your back.

Like any other fiefdom, the separatists looked out for a core group of supporters’ interests and successfully duped the knaves into thinking “the federalist enemy” is the cause of their malheur.

Les Francos ce réveillent.

…And Yet Some Never Learn

We’ve talked enough about Mario Beaulieu.

Tell you the truth, with what he’s done to the BQ up to now, I consider him more of a friend than an enemy.

However, in case you missed it, an even bigger wingnut wants to become a leader of the sovereignist cause.

Didn’t think Beaulieu could be topped as a wingnut?

Guess again, amigo…

Meet Michel Brûlé, hyper-nationalist and racist-extrodinairo.

A few fun facts about Monsieur Wingnut:

1. He had a bar (no idea if he still owns it), and in this bar, all English music was prohibited.

2. Brûlé hates English so much, he wrote a book titled Anglaid (Eng-ugly…no direct translation) in which he comes up with a litany of reasons why English is horribly ugly language and a waste of everyone’s time.

3. Separatists hate it when you liken their cause to nazism…but when a principal player in their movement has the following outlook on a select group of people: “[…] les Américains sont une bande de gros totons, obèses, imbéciles, ignorants, acculturés, c’est la vérité,” what are we supposed to call it as being?

Oh, and on the topic of his lovely book, he had the following insight to share:

“Je pense que mon livre devrait être enseigné dans les écoles.”

Of course you do, champion.

At the end of the day, it’s the Mario Beaulieus and the Michel Brûlés who are putting in the greatest amount of work to promote the purs-et-durs sovereignist ideology.

I also couldn’t wish for anyone BUT Michel Brûlé to lead the PQ. You could offer me no greater gift.


5 thoughts on “Paradigm Shift vs. The Lunatics Running The Asylum

  1. He says anglo saxons are fat? He should have a good look at himself in the mirror. He is definitely overweight himself.

  2. Drainville will give us a few laughs also if he gets that job – another one that should take a look in the mirror – slime balls; the lot of them.

  3. The PQ and all the other socialist, pro separatist, pro union, pro Hamas, pro “Etat providence” must be held accountable for the deplorable state of affairs that quebec now stands, when compared to the mid-70s.
    How did quebec get better under successful separatist governments? Never happened.
    Why/how did quebec decline? In fact: the PQs anti business efforts (social democrat economic policies) and the perception from corporations that quebec was not a good place to conduct business. Some quebecois (the PQ and all the other socialist, pro separatist, pro union, pro “Etat providence”) will tell you that quebec sent too much tax monies to Ottawa and that they were unfairly treated since ever. They are not to blame, they’ll tell you…
    Fact remains 40 years later that quebekistan is worst off. Calgary has more traffic at its airport than Montreal, quebec has the highest tax rates in Canada, quebec has only one official language, quebec has the highest accumulated debt in the country (comparable to its socialist neighbour, ontario) etc etc etc etc etc.

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