Bloc Quebecois – Phantom Caucus

bloc quebecois andre bellavance

What more needs to be said?

The Bloc Quebecois is now down to two sitting MPs, with one of those two confirming that he will retire.

Merci Mario…MERCI!


4 thoughts on “Bloc Quebecois – Phantom Caucus

  1. Les quebecois have always aimed low. Always. Dreams of an independant “Republique Populaire du quebekistan” or whatever other name quebec wishes to call itself if alone, would ensure poverty for ever. Unions, artists and the mafia effectively run la belle province… what else can be expected?
    However, once and in a while, some beacon of hope is witnessed. Bravo Mario! Beau fanatique, champion.

  2. And then there were two…

    Amazing, is it not, considering that the Bloc was Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition from 1993 to 1997?

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