Les Invasions Barbares

The link between the Separatist movement and the unions has been well know for many moons.

The debacle over public retirement plans is the cataclysmic shift we have all been waiting for over a very long timeline now.

With the separatist movement drawing a large portion of its strength from the entitlement mentality of the left, the cutting of public pensions is very beneficial to the direction Quebec has to go in, beyond the economy.

Funny how the impotent PQ can do little more than sit on the sidelines and watch on helplessly as the Liberals pulverize one of the most essential components of their support base.

If the occurrences of last April taught the PQ anything it’s that it had better pay better mind to the whims of the majority.

The majority has clearly pronounced itself to be against the caviar party that is the public pension movement.

Enough with the pre-amble, let’s just jump right into the highlights of “this week in austerity” and take a look at how Quebec’s union-goon culture is on the brink of extinction:

1. As if popular opinion wasn’t already working against the unions, they opted to dump gas on the fire. I know you’ve already seen this video a ton by now, but nothing tops the classic, eh?:

This kind of monkey-like behaviour was unacceptable when the students practised it during their “strike”, but this is even less acceptable when carried out by supposed adults.

2. No responsibility taken for goodish behaviour:

So let’s say you’ve gone and really, REALLY fucked things up – one would think your first course of action might be to carry out a little bit of damage control, non?

Not in Quebec!

Instead union leaders, such as the head of the fireman’s union, refused to condemn the actions of his men and women.

Not only that, but Yves Francoeur, lead-scumbag for the po-po went so far as to threaten more of these types of actions, which takes us right into point trios…

3. The “debates” begin:

I despise Yves Francoeur and all the other tools “leading” the unions (read: lining their own pockets with the members’ dues), but he is right about one thing; the consultations on bill 3 really are a farce.

Like Hank from Breaking Bad told Walt when he pleaded with those neo-nazis in the middle of the desert to spare his brother-in-law’s life:

“Hank, you’re the smartest guy I ever met… but you’re too stupid to see… He made up his mind ten minutes ago.”

BANG. End of Hank.

The Liberals already have their minds made up – these reforms are going through.

Still, that doesn’t mean the Liberals can’t use this as an opportunity to appear open-spirited, but better yet, allow for these goons to hang themselves with threats and just generally exposing their vulgar, loutish natures.

Just this morning, Pierre Moreau took to his intellectually inferior opponent, Francoeur, and made him look like an utter buffoon before the entire province:

«Vous avez fait un préambule, j’en ferai un moi aussi», a répondu Pierre Moreau, revenant sur les «perturbations sociales» évoquées par le chef syndical. «J’espère que vous n’en ferez pas partie [de ces perturbations], M. Francoeur, parce que je vous rappelle un texte qui va vous dire quelque chose.» Le ministre s’est mis à lire le serment des policiers, qui prévoit de porter «vraie allégeance à l’autorité constituée» et de respecter le code de déontologie. «Ah ben, l’tabarnak!», a lâché un syndiqué présent au Salon rouge.

«Quand on est un représentant de l’autorité, et particulièrement lorsqu’on est un leader représentant l’autorité, on ne doit pas suggérer qu’il y ait des perturbations sociales, a poursuivi Pierre Moreau. C’est non conforme au serment que vous avez prêté et en dessous des attentes qu’une société démocratique a [envers] ses leaders.»

BANG. End of thuggery.

You’d be hard-pressed to find something as vicious as a wounded animal.

When a beast can feel itself losing its life-force with every drop that leaves its body and realizes that its on the brink of ultimate change, it’ll take out every stop it has to prevent the inevitable.

But to once again borrow from one of my favourite hollywood productions (No Country For Old Men):

“You can’t stop what’s coming”

Much as they may gripe, the unions have no one to prop them up.

The Parti Quebecois is remaining mum on the issue.

Quebec Solidaire is even more impotent than the PQ with only 3 reps in the National Assembly.

The majority of the province’s population is against them.

Now, we just have to sit, watch and wait for nature to take it’s course.


One thought on “Les Invasions Barbares

  1. quebekistan is doomed. Forget the french thingy for a minute. quebec is f#$ked anyway with its socialist ways, its entitlement, its supposed better morals, its high taxes, its corruption, its crappy infrastructure, its debt, its inability to get its economy going, its transfer payments, its way of thinking as a society, its values, its subsidized culture, its isolationist/nationalist ethics, its demonstrations/riots, its unions, its core.
    Doomed. From a quebecois that moved away because I knew better.

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