Repositioning 101

“Le PQ veut faire peau neuve”

– La Presse

See that there book?

It’s a very fast-moving read.

Even if you have 0% entrepreneurship running through your veins, you’d get a kick out of reading up on how the every day big-name brands you buy became as big as they are now.

Know what else?

Just so happens that the authors cite the battle of Quebec to illustrate how the English sought out a ‘creneau’ to usurp the French from their position.

Mission accompli, merci.

Now while the purs-et-dur set might be hard-pressed to crack open a book written in la langue de Shakespeare, they might want to shake off the reticence and read up on this tome’s content.

When Pauline Marois took on the leadership of the Parti Quebecois, she attempted to take a more pragmatic approach to the party’s central mission.

The hard-liners kept on pushing for the spotlight to shine on their agenda.

They pushed so hard for Marois to become as manically obsessive about independence as they are, they nearly pushed her out the door before she had a chance to run for premier a second time.

When their putsch failed, they attempted to console themselves with divisiveness in the form of legislation.

This resulted in the creation of the failed Bill 60 (which ultimately proved to be one of the pivotal reasons the PQ bit the dust in such spectacular fashion in the last election).

Let’s also not forget that all that sudden talk of holding a referendum and chasing after sovereignty at the mid-point of the PQ’s campaign did it no favours, either.

My, my, my the PQ strategists wondered to themselves…what angle could we be missing with our positioning?

Enter Option “D”.

 «Voulez-vous que le Québec demeure une province du Canada (ou) devienne un pays indépendant?»

After spending a couple of weeks in Scotland, Bernie Drainville returned to CANADA with a wind in his sails.

His interest in the PQ leadership was every bit as renewed as his taste for a third referendum.

Seeing the that the Scots are running a fairly tight Yes campaign (largely) without employing the same dirge of underhanded tactics that have become the Quebec separatist movement’s calling-card over the years, Bernie even saw fit to embrace Marois’ stance and propose a change in positioning.

Chose certaine, with only 17% of the popular vote, the PQ is teetering on the brink of suffering the fate of the BoBo Bird the party at least acknowledges they have a problem and that the problem is THEIRS.

Oh what a pickle!

Only 28% of Quebec’s population supports sovereignty.

Only 17% believe in the PQ’s abilities as a political entity.

What spin could the PQ’s leadership hopefuls possibly expect to use for a successful re-branding of the movement?

  • They’ve already burned through the auto-determination bit.
  • The old argument about equalization payments can not be sustained by any documented facts.
  • Protection of the French language in culture…pfftt…
  • Blaming immigrants for corroding their host society’s cultural infrastructure:  we only have to look back to April to see that this bait won’t stick to the hook anymore.

The best Bernie can pitch is…”hey, won’t don’t we give honesty a chance?”

Actually, when we see what the Charbonneau commission has revealed about Quebec’s nefarious political nature, such a turn might not be a bad form of positioning after all.

But wait, here we are with all this talk about Positioning, having overlooked the fundamental the PQ spin docs view as an inconvenient truth…

…you must first start with a product that has market appeal to begin with.

You can go right ahead and be the champion of any cause you want…but if the people aren’t interested in your cause, you’re destined to be a lone hero in an empty room.

Bernie knows enough that it’s time to add some polish to the old turd that is sovereignty, too bad he doesn’t understand that in the years since the PQ started meeting in the broom closets of bingo parlours back in the 60s, Quebec’s collective appetite for SHIT, no matter how it’s packaged, has waned.

While some hard-liners continue to perceive the lack of support for sovereignty as a problem perpetuated by “les fucking anglos” and “les fucking immigrants”, truth be told, it’s the white Francophones who are cultivating the bulk of the it:

“les fédéralistes n’ont rien à prouver ou à impôser, nous vivons déjà dans un pays libre et démocratique. le Québec est libre, il a le contrôle sur ses finances, son éducation, sa langue.

certe le mouvement souverainiste a permit au Québec de mieux se contrôler, mais le discourt souverainiste est devenue plutôt insignifiant au cour des ans.

qu’avez vous fait depuis 1995 pour convainque les Québécois du bien fondé de votre vision? rien absolument rien, au contraire, des gens comme gérald larose a pondu un petit fascicule “parlons souveraineté à l’école” une belle tentative de lavage de cerveaux style fasciste.

votre parti est constament en chicane et gangrainer par les enverdeurs/syndicalistes/marxistes.

aujourd’hui le discourt des souverainistes se résume à démoniser les voisins et a cultiver la haine. rien de constructif.
voyez-vous,je suis un nord américain de culture, je vie dans un des pays les plus envié au monde, je vie dans un pays libre et prospère, j’ai de très bon contact avec mes voisins anglophones. vous, vous avez quoi de mieux à me propôser?

de voir les québécois choisir un parti reconnue pas très propre et foutre le votre dehors en si peu de temps, ça ne vous allume pas une petite lumière? ça ne vous pousse pas à refaire vos devoirs et à travailler autrement que de diminuer ceux qui pourraient vous épauler dans votre quête?

continuez comme vous le faite si bien, la dégelé du bloc et du PQ n’est que le début, le début de votre disparition.”

That comment was pulled from PKP’s very own separatist propaganda machine, the ever charming JdM.

Like a heroin addict reaching for a needle to cure his junk-sickness, the PQ faithful refuse to accept that perhaps closing the door on the sovereignist option isn’t the act of a “colonisé” or “un vendu”, but rather the act of someone more or less begrudgingly accepting a need to push forward with a new project.

There’s an old saying in the advertising industry:

“You can’t polish a turd”


9 thoughts on “Repositioning 101

  1. See from this morning’s paper that two more Bloc members are probably going to quit today – how sad! What a province and what a way to implode! Good going Mario! Kiss of death for yet another waste of taxpayer money! Hope I live long enough to see the official death of at least the Bloc party – about time.

  2. Les quebecois are truly braiwashed since early days in schools and CEGEPs. Quebecois are led and influenced by unions, artists, lefties and told how to think. Sad. They mostly rarely leave their province and have a narrow minded vision of the ROC. Proof is most quebecois who once thought bad stuff about the ROC to then go out and visit feel cheated when they get back home, disenfranchised perhaps and conclude that quebec is not all they were told.

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