This blog is Francophobic

…or at least, that’s the reflexive response many separatists regurgitate when presented with evidence of their sacred movement’s overt racism, xenophobia, anglophobia, anti-American sentiment (voir; Elvis Gratton).

Let’s take a step back and take it from another angle, shall we?:

Now while that isn’t set in Quebec and no one born in la Belle Province figures in that series of vignettes, I think most of us can agree that it hits close to home. (Check out the flaming psycho at 0:32. You sure don’t need subtitles to pick up on the fact that he’s short a few screws.)

There is one French speaker in that clip, but imagine if everyone was rocking the same message in a Longueuil accent.

The video would likely feel a lot like this one:

In this post, I wanted to address the fact that this blog was posted to Reddit a couple of days ago, and one of the commentors on that thread referred to this blog as being “Francophobic”.

If there’s one thing I’ve picked up on about the separatist movement is that it’s players get really, REALLY upset when you refer to them as racist.

Can we not call a spade a spade?

Getting tagged as a bigot is just what happens when you give yourself over to nationalism.

While separatists HATE being referred to as racists, they proudly identify themselves as nationalists.

Hmmm…curious conundrum:

Last word on nationalism

Note on Nationalism

Even if you don’t read through every word of those links, I think the same prominent message will jump right out at you:

The nationalist mentality breeds intolerance and xenophobia.

Nationalism is dangerous – and mostly so because it’s embraced by the lowest caste of our society.

Individually, these people have no power, no significance, but it’s for this very reason that they embrace the movement.

These insignificant souls become dangerous comes once they coagulate into a collective blob of homogenized, unchallenged thought.

If it makes the members of the Quebec separatist movement feel any better, they’re not alone in their ignorance.

Ignorance is a world-wide phenomenon and since they love to correlate their own political plight with that of Scotland’s, why not take a moment to have two pictures tell a thousand words and save me the trouble:



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