Quebec separatists invite themselves to meddle in Scotland/England’s referendum

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Can’t say I’m surprised.

This week, Martine Ouellet, Mathieu Traversy and Alexandre Cloutier are inviting themselves to Scotland’s big party.

As someone who has lived in both Scotland and Quebec, I feel very apt to be speaking about this subject, so here’s me rolling up my sleeves and getting ready to wallop our seppie friends.

Hmmm…where to even begin?

Oh yeah – racism.

Racism WILL be found everywhere you go.

It’s a sad, unfortunate fact about human nature.

However, as humanity continues to evolve, racism appears to lend itself to a shrinking minority of troglodytes.

While I have been exposed to the loutish mentalities of Scotland’s “schemies“, football hooligans and rednecks from northern hamlets who’ve moved to Glasgow to find work rattling off about “nig-nogs” and “dem pakis”, no Scottish government has drafted anything resembling the dreaded Charte des Valeurs.

Aside from those bumpkins I described, Scots are quite open to outsiders (they don’t have much of a choice since dozens of European cultures are just a few miles away and Edinburgh is the tourist destination it happens to be.

Ever been to Scotland?

Let’s compare its Indian population to that of Montreal’s.

Indians in both Scotland and the ROUK (see what I did there?) freely mix with the local population, while Montreal’s Indian population has been relegated to “the Blue Line”.

Of course, you can’t expect a couple of PQ half-wits to pick up on these details.

In their deluded little minds (and Ouellet has done quite the stellar job of showing us how intellectually inept she happens to be), these tools see themselves as new-age William Wallaces, V.Q.

They see the Scots as a fellow “oppressed population” fighting the same noble fight for “emancipation”.

NEWS FLASH: Scots DO NOT see themselves that way (oppressed & needing emancipation). They haven’t felt that way for close to a thousand years.

Unlike Quebec separatists, most of them can get over something that happened in such a distant past.

I can assure you that the people of Scotland do not, in any way, share separatist Quebec’s notorious low self-esteem.

The Scots are descended from warriors…whereas Quebec was settled by convicted thugs who were abandoned to the English by the same lineage of French nobles who abandoned Scotland to the English in their time of need.

“Ni ingérence, Ni indifférence”

That was and still is my personal position on Scotland’s plight for independence.

Unlike some of the ungrateful immigrants who migrate to Canada by way of Quebec and choose to align themselves with the separatists, I feel that there are certain issues that I and others just don’t belong to.

I detain a British passport, yet would have abstained from participating in either side of a referendum simply for the fact that I feel the national question there is for the locals who’ve lived their entire lives there to decide.

The only exception to that self-imposed rule would have been if I had started a business while in Scotland and I determined that the referendum could pose a hazard to my enterprise.

Something tells me that if Stephen Harper were to fly over to London and stand by David Cameron’s side, Quebec’s separatists would be making the kind of comments I don’t even need to write, you can already imagine them.

But hey, what else can be expected from Martine Ouellet, Mathieu Traversy and Alexandre Cloutier? They are after all descended from the criminal degenerates that were forced into settling Quebec…it’s only natural that their faculties for reason and logic fall short.

Ultimately, I believe it’s in Scotland’s best interest to remain a part of the U.K. 

At the time I write this, the British Pound continues to out-perform the Euro and despite what some media centres might have you believe, there really isn’t a whole lot of tension between the Scots and the English.

Sure, just like you have here, a few Loch will refer to their southern cousins as “wankers”, but as mentioned earlier, hillbillies are a part of every culture.

Having lived in Edinburgh, I can tell you the cost of living up in those parts is quite high and some naive members of Scotland’s population might not be aware of what they’re setting themselves up for.

With all that said however, if the “NO” side manages to crush the opposite, I look forward to seeing the smug arrogance on the faces of the PQ delegates wash away to misery and dread.

They don’t give a shit about the Scots OR the English.

Without giving a good goddamn about the pain a winning “YES”  victory will cause for both sides on everything from economic impact to  family relations, their only interest is to see the movement that echos their own get through.

The narcissism that is nationalism in purest form.

While it’s not their referendum, bearing witness to the loss of a “Yes” side for the first time is exactly what these opportunists deserve to endure.


Paradigm Shift vs. The Lunatics Running The Asylum

paradigm shift:


1. a dramatic change in the paradigm of a scientific community, or a change from one scientific paradigm to another.

2. a significant change in the paradigm of any discipline or group:
Putting skilled, tenured teachers in failing schools would cause a paradigm shift in teaching and education.

I’ve been going on a lot about the Bloc Quebecois lately, and to be honest, who can blame me?

What happened in 2011 was enough of a shock – but to see the party shrivelling up to two members (one of which is a flight risk who is liable to leave at any time, despite his media soundbites), is almost surreal.


The ground-breaking events we’re bearing witness to are about a fundamental change the people of Quebec know they must enact if they want any hope of carrying forward.


The latest impact to affect the Bloc comes in the same week that not only Bill 3 is being pushed forward with little in the way of amendments, but finance minister Carlos Leito boldly announced that…

Le pire est à venir

One needs to define what “the worse” means to them.

When it comes to spending cuts, one man’s dread is another man’s tax break.

What’s encouraging about all this is that if you read all the comments in that article linked to Leito’s quote, you’ll see the vast majority of participants are FOR cuts to social services.

The people are clearly seeing that increasing their quality of life doesn’t come by way of voting OUI or NON, it comes by way of voting for parties that will make your 40-hour work week seem a little more worth it.

That’s why when Convservative MP Denis Lebel proclaimed that “Les Québécois sont plus conservateurs qu’on le pense,” he wasn’t just whistlin’ Dixie out of his asshole.

The general population is waking up to the fact that even with their province being financially propped up by Ottawa, they can’t make ends meet.

They’re seeing (quite clearly) that a sovereign Quebec could in no way afford it’s citizens $7/day daycare, free healthcare with wait times of less than 72 hours, locally-produced cheeses that match market value or for that matter, buying beer at the dep.

That’s right – Quebec would be in such a pinch, I would bet my last QuePeso that the state would claim ALL alcohol sales in an attempt to capture any revenue within its desperate reach.

The Bloc isn’t dying because sovereignty is out of vogue – it’s dying because Jean-Francois wants to go to Cuba this winter and has to manage the cost of this trip around two kids, a mortgage and $43K a year in salary.

Sovereignty is dying because Guillaume (43-years old) needs to have his wisdom teeth removed and can’t afford the surgery with the money he makes with his demolition job…

…but the fireman (also 43-years old) who put out the fire that consumed the building Guillaume is tasked with demolishing, can use Guillaume’s taxes to have his wisdoms removed AND retire in a couple of years while Guillaume has to keep schlepping another 20 years.

Quebec is a quite an idealistic state…if you’re the fireman. But if you’re Guillaume, you’re beginning to see that at the end of the day, it’s not about who you pledge allegiance to, Quebec City or Ottawa – it’s about who’s got your back.

Like any other fiefdom, the separatists looked out for a core group of supporters’ interests and successfully duped the knaves into thinking “the federalist enemy” is the cause of their malheur.

Les Francos ce réveillent.

…And Yet Some Never Learn

We’ve talked enough about Mario Beaulieu.

Tell you the truth, with what he’s done to the BQ up to now, I consider him more of a friend than an enemy.

However, in case you missed it, an even bigger wingnut wants to become a leader of the sovereignist cause.

Didn’t think Beaulieu could be topped as a wingnut?

Guess again, amigo…

Meet Michel Brûlé, hyper-nationalist and racist-extrodinairo.

A few fun facts about Monsieur Wingnut:

1. He had a bar (no idea if he still owns it), and in this bar, all English music was prohibited.

2. Brûlé hates English so much, he wrote a book titled Anglaid (Eng-ugly…no direct translation) in which he comes up with a litany of reasons why English is horribly ugly language and a waste of everyone’s time.

3. Separatists hate it when you liken their cause to nazism…but when a principal player in their movement has the following outlook on a select group of people: “[…] les Américains sont une bande de gros totons, obèses, imbéciles, ignorants, acculturés, c’est la vérité,” what are we supposed to call it as being?

Oh, and on the topic of his lovely book, he had the following insight to share:

“Je pense que mon livre devrait être enseigné dans les écoles.”

Of course you do, champion.

At the end of the day, it’s the Mario Beaulieus and the Michel Brûlés who are putting in the greatest amount of work to promote the purs-et-durs sovereignist ideology.

I also couldn’t wish for anyone BUT Michel Brûlé to lead the PQ. You could offer me no greater gift.

Les Invasions Barbares

The link between the Separatist movement and the unions has been well know for many moons.

The debacle over public retirement plans is the cataclysmic shift we have all been waiting for over a very long timeline now.

With the separatist movement drawing a large portion of its strength from the entitlement mentality of the left, the cutting of public pensions is very beneficial to the direction Quebec has to go in, beyond the economy.

Funny how the impotent PQ can do little more than sit on the sidelines and watch on helplessly as the Liberals pulverize one of the most essential components of their support base.

If the occurrences of last April taught the PQ anything it’s that it had better pay better mind to the whims of the majority.

The majority has clearly pronounced itself to be against the caviar party that is the public pension movement.

Enough with the pre-amble, let’s just jump right into the highlights of “this week in austerity” and take a look at how Quebec’s union-goon culture is on the brink of extinction:

1. As if popular opinion wasn’t already working against the unions, they opted to dump gas on the fire. I know you’ve already seen this video a ton by now, but nothing tops the classic, eh?:

This kind of monkey-like behaviour was unacceptable when the students practised it during their “strike”, but this is even less acceptable when carried out by supposed adults.

2. No responsibility taken for goodish behaviour:

So let’s say you’ve gone and really, REALLY fucked things up – one would think your first course of action might be to carry out a little bit of damage control, non?

Not in Quebec!

Instead union leaders, such as the head of the fireman’s union, refused to condemn the actions of his men and women.

Not only that, but Yves Francoeur, lead-scumbag for the po-po went so far as to threaten more of these types of actions, which takes us right into point trios…

3. The “debates” begin:

I despise Yves Francoeur and all the other tools “leading” the unions (read: lining their own pockets with the members’ dues), but he is right about one thing; the consultations on bill 3 really are a farce.

Like Hank from Breaking Bad told Walt when he pleaded with those neo-nazis in the middle of the desert to spare his brother-in-law’s life:

“Hank, you’re the smartest guy I ever met… but you’re too stupid to see… He made up his mind ten minutes ago.”

BANG. End of Hank.

The Liberals already have their minds made up – these reforms are going through.

Still, that doesn’t mean the Liberals can’t use this as an opportunity to appear open-spirited, but better yet, allow for these goons to hang themselves with threats and just generally exposing their vulgar, loutish natures.

Just this morning, Pierre Moreau took to his intellectually inferior opponent, Francoeur, and made him look like an utter buffoon before the entire province:

«Vous avez fait un préambule, j’en ferai un moi aussi», a répondu Pierre Moreau, revenant sur les «perturbations sociales» évoquées par le chef syndical. «J’espère que vous n’en ferez pas partie [de ces perturbations], M. Francoeur, parce que je vous rappelle un texte qui va vous dire quelque chose.» Le ministre s’est mis à lire le serment des policiers, qui prévoit de porter «vraie allégeance à l’autorité constituée» et de respecter le code de déontologie. «Ah ben, l’tabarnak!», a lâché un syndiqué présent au Salon rouge.

«Quand on est un représentant de l’autorité, et particulièrement lorsqu’on est un leader représentant l’autorité, on ne doit pas suggérer qu’il y ait des perturbations sociales, a poursuivi Pierre Moreau. C’est non conforme au serment que vous avez prêté et en dessous des attentes qu’une société démocratique a [envers] ses leaders.»

BANG. End of thuggery.

You’d be hard-pressed to find something as vicious as a wounded animal.

When a beast can feel itself losing its life-force with every drop that leaves its body and realizes that its on the brink of ultimate change, it’ll take out every stop it has to prevent the inevitable.

But to once again borrow from one of my favourite hollywood productions (No Country For Old Men):

“You can’t stop what’s coming”

Much as they may gripe, the unions have no one to prop them up.

The Parti Quebecois is remaining mum on the issue.

Quebec Solidaire is even more impotent than the PQ with only 3 reps in the National Assembly.

The majority of the province’s population is against them.

Now, we just have to sit, watch and wait for nature to take it’s course.

Repositioning 101

“Le PQ veut faire peau neuve”

– La Presse

See that there book?

It’s a very fast-moving read.

Even if you have 0% entrepreneurship running through your veins, you’d get a kick out of reading up on how the every day big-name brands you buy became as big as they are now.

Know what else?

Just so happens that the authors cite the battle of Quebec to illustrate how the English sought out a ‘creneau’ to usurp the French from their position.

Mission accompli, merci.

Now while the purs-et-dur set might be hard-pressed to crack open a book written in la langue de Shakespeare, they might want to shake off the reticence and read up on this tome’s content.

When Pauline Marois took on the leadership of the Parti Quebecois, she attempted to take a more pragmatic approach to the party’s central mission.

The hard-liners kept on pushing for the spotlight to shine on their agenda.

They pushed so hard for Marois to become as manically obsessive about independence as they are, they nearly pushed her out the door before she had a chance to run for premier a second time.

When their putsch failed, they attempted to console themselves with divisiveness in the form of legislation.

This resulted in the creation of the failed Bill 60 (which ultimately proved to be one of the pivotal reasons the PQ bit the dust in such spectacular fashion in the last election).

Let’s also not forget that all that sudden talk of holding a referendum and chasing after sovereignty at the mid-point of the PQ’s campaign did it no favours, either.

My, my, my the PQ strategists wondered to themselves…what angle could we be missing with our positioning?

Enter Option “D”.

 «Voulez-vous que le Québec demeure une province du Canada (ou) devienne un pays indépendant?»

After spending a couple of weeks in Scotland, Bernie Drainville returned to CANADA with a wind in his sails.

His interest in the PQ leadership was every bit as renewed as his taste for a third referendum.

Seeing the that the Scots are running a fairly tight Yes campaign (largely) without employing the same dirge of underhanded tactics that have become the Quebec separatist movement’s calling-card over the years, Bernie even saw fit to embrace Marois’ stance and propose a change in positioning.

Chose certaine, with only 17% of the popular vote, the PQ is teetering on the brink of suffering the fate of the BoBo Bird the party at least acknowledges they have a problem and that the problem is THEIRS.

Oh what a pickle!

Only 28% of Quebec’s population supports sovereignty.

Only 17% believe in the PQ’s abilities as a political entity.

What spin could the PQ’s leadership hopefuls possibly expect to use for a successful re-branding of the movement?

  • They’ve already burned through the auto-determination bit.
  • The old argument about equalization payments can not be sustained by any documented facts.
  • Protection of the French language in culture…pfftt…
  • Blaming immigrants for corroding their host society’s cultural infrastructure:  we only have to look back to April to see that this bait won’t stick to the hook anymore.

The best Bernie can pitch is…”hey, won’t don’t we give honesty a chance?”

Actually, when we see what the Charbonneau commission has revealed about Quebec’s nefarious political nature, such a turn might not be a bad form of positioning after all.

But wait, here we are with all this talk about Positioning, having overlooked the fundamental the PQ spin docs view as an inconvenient truth…

…you must first start with a product that has market appeal to begin with.

You can go right ahead and be the champion of any cause you want…but if the people aren’t interested in your cause, you’re destined to be a lone hero in an empty room.

Bernie knows enough that it’s time to add some polish to the old turd that is sovereignty, too bad he doesn’t understand that in the years since the PQ started meeting in the broom closets of bingo parlours back in the 60s, Quebec’s collective appetite for SHIT, no matter how it’s packaged, has waned.

While some hard-liners continue to perceive the lack of support for sovereignty as a problem perpetuated by “les fucking anglos” and “les fucking immigrants”, truth be told, it’s the white Francophones who are cultivating the bulk of the it:

“les fédéralistes n’ont rien à prouver ou à impôser, nous vivons déjà dans un pays libre et démocratique. le Québec est libre, il a le contrôle sur ses finances, son éducation, sa langue.

certe le mouvement souverainiste a permit au Québec de mieux se contrôler, mais le discourt souverainiste est devenue plutôt insignifiant au cour des ans.

qu’avez vous fait depuis 1995 pour convainque les Québécois du bien fondé de votre vision? rien absolument rien, au contraire, des gens comme gérald larose a pondu un petit fascicule “parlons souveraineté à l’école” une belle tentative de lavage de cerveaux style fasciste.

votre parti est constament en chicane et gangrainer par les enverdeurs/syndicalistes/marxistes.

aujourd’hui le discourt des souverainistes se résume à démoniser les voisins et a cultiver la haine. rien de constructif.
voyez-vous,je suis un nord américain de culture, je vie dans un des pays les plus envié au monde, je vie dans un pays libre et prospère, j’ai de très bon contact avec mes voisins anglophones. vous, vous avez quoi de mieux à me propôser?

de voir les québécois choisir un parti reconnue pas très propre et foutre le votre dehors en si peu de temps, ça ne vous allume pas une petite lumière? ça ne vous pousse pas à refaire vos devoirs et à travailler autrement que de diminuer ceux qui pourraient vous épauler dans votre quête?

continuez comme vous le faite si bien, la dégelé du bloc et du PQ n’est que le début, le début de votre disparition.”

That comment was pulled from PKP’s very own separatist propaganda machine, the ever charming JdM.

Like a heroin addict reaching for a needle to cure his junk-sickness, the PQ faithful refuse to accept that perhaps closing the door on the sovereignist option isn’t the act of a “colonisé” or “un vendu”, but rather the act of someone more or less begrudgingly accepting a need to push forward with a new project.

There’s an old saying in the advertising industry:

“You can’t polish a turd”

This blog is Francophobic

…or at least, that’s the reflexive response many separatists regurgitate when presented with evidence of their sacred movement’s overt racism, xenophobia, anglophobia, anti-American sentiment (voir; Elvis Gratton).

Let’s take a step back and take it from another angle, shall we?:

Now while that isn’t set in Quebec and no one born in la Belle Province figures in that series of vignettes, I think most of us can agree that it hits close to home. (Check out the flaming psycho at 0:32. You sure don’t need subtitles to pick up on the fact that he’s short a few screws.)

There is one French speaker in that clip, but imagine if everyone was rocking the same message in a Longueuil accent.

The video would likely feel a lot like this one:

In this post, I wanted to address the fact that this blog was posted to Reddit a couple of days ago, and one of the commentors on that thread referred to this blog as being “Francophobic”.

If there’s one thing I’ve picked up on about the separatist movement is that it’s players get really, REALLY upset when you refer to them as racist.

Can we not call a spade a spade?

Getting tagged as a bigot is just what happens when you give yourself over to nationalism.

While separatists HATE being referred to as racists, they proudly identify themselves as nationalists.

Hmmm…curious conundrum:

Last word on nationalism

Note on Nationalism

Even if you don’t read through every word of those links, I think the same prominent message will jump right out at you:

The nationalist mentality breeds intolerance and xenophobia.

Nationalism is dangerous – and mostly so because it’s embraced by the lowest caste of our society.

Individually, these people have no power, no significance, but it’s for this very reason that they embrace the movement.

These insignificant souls become dangerous comes once they coagulate into a collective blob of homogenized, unchallenged thought.

If it makes the members of the Quebec separatist movement feel any better, they’re not alone in their ignorance.

Ignorance is a world-wide phenomenon and since they love to correlate their own political plight with that of Scotland’s, why not take a moment to have two pictures tell a thousand words and save me the trouble: