Watership Down: BQ candidates vote “YES” to separating from Mario Beaulieu

Mario Beaulieu bloc quebecoisYou’d figure what happened to the Bloc Québécois back in 2011 was bad enough, right?

And then, Maria Mourani happened.

And then Daniel Paillé happened.

And then there was nary a separatist soul left in the chamber.

Oh yeah…then Mario Beaulieu happened.

In just a few weeks since assuming leadership of the Bloc, Beaulieu has quite the repellent.

Yvon Lévesque, Nicole Demers et Marc Lemay, Luc Desnoyers and Jean-Yves Laforest have all announced that they want NON part of the BQ under Beaulieu’s (anti) vision.

The sixth candidate to bow out is Claude Guimond who declared,  «Ce n’est pas ma vision du Québec» (“This is not my vision of Quebec”).

Is a certain bespectacled politician picking up on the fact that his shit don’t smell like roses?

Mario Beaulieu was crowned king of the Bloc Quebecois during the final days of No Dogs and most federalist readers  (present company included) were hoping with bated breath that nothing would prevent this from happening.

Sure enough exactly what we all expected and wished for, happened.

Not-So-Super Mario has cast a pall of political leprosy on both the BQ and the separatist movement alike.

Let’s face it, if you’re a federalist, an Anglo, an immigrant or a blend of all three, making friends with separatists is something of a challenge.

Even the most moderate separatists sometimes go off on dogmatic tangents that are a total turn off to, well, anyone who’s actually seen something other than what’s contained within the confines of La Belle Pro.

The additional good news to come from this is that we’re seeing proof that despite their sovereignist leanings, some separatists cannot be sold on an independent Quebec if it comes at the cost Mario Beaulieu is proposing.

Not-So-Super Mario’s vision of a closed off, exclusive admission-by-application society is putting Quebec directly on the path to an Eastern-hemisphere version of the pro-Russian seppie squads over in the Ukraine.

Sound like a stretch?


So far no Parti Quebecois rockets have been found to have downed an Air Canada flight…

…but given that some Quebec separatists have gotten wet in the pants over placing deadly bombs in mailboxes and strangling politicians, fostering a brand of division that leads to a more intense form of violence is not that far fetched.

One would come to figure that the failed Charte des Valeurs was enough of a taste-test for the PQ and BQ to understand that extremist steps will not carry the separatist movement very far.

Given that they refuse to learn from their follies, there’s only one thing federalists should and could do: step back and let nature take it’s course.

The ancient military philosopher Sun Tzu once wrote;

“The opportunity to secure ourselves against defeat lies in our own hands, but the opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself.”

Too bad Sun Tzu wasn’t Quebecois…otherwise Marois & co may have heeded his words and fared a little better.

For those of you who questioned Harper’s iron-clad silence during the spring election – the man clearly read up on Tzu.

He stood back and let the PQ boldly go ahead and tie a noose around their own necks, and give their horse a fateful slap on the ass for good measure.

Any honest separatist can admit to his or herself that the lunatic fringe of their movement, or should I call them Hillbilly United, have caused a great deal of harm to Quebec’s ambitions for independence.

They’re unfairly putting moderate separatists in a position where they must choose between their love of Quebec and their desire for it to become an independent state – and depriving others of their essential human rights.

What’s going to happen next has nothing to do with the federalist camp.

The separatist movement is now being forced into a metamorphosis with an outcome that can only be determined by the players in the sovereignist camp.

Chose certaine, whatever that outcome may be, we likely won’t see a separatist movement of the same caliber of

fervency as the movements of 1980 and 1995 for an entire generation to come.

PS – I’d like to take a moment to ask that you all send your warmest wishes to “Brodie” aka, Cutie, who is really not doing so well right now. You really have my warmest regards. Hugs, ASBA.


6 thoughts on “Watership Down: BQ candidates vote “YES” to separating from Mario Beaulieu

  1. It’s wonderful to see the continuing slide, not to say implosion, of seppies into irrelevance, particularly thanks to this preposterous extremist anglophobe. I’m not sure if it will be enough to counter the tremendous damage that they have already caused to Quebec and to its future, but Toronto is always extremely thankful for their efforts, as we all know.

    I’ve heard of northern and southern hemispheres but I’m not quite sure what you mean by eastern and western hemispheres. I don’t know what you mean by Quebec becoming an eastern-hemisphere version of the Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine. However, Quebec separatists definitely have a well-known violent bent. For example, bringing a Canadian flag to a seppie rally is always condemned as being a “provocation” (whatever that means), with the opportunity for respectful disagreement being completely disregarded by seppies. Thankfully, Scotland has learned from Quebec’s mistakes.

    (PS: The title should be corrected; there is a missing U.)

  2. Also, I don’t know how WordPress works but is there any possibility of letting commenters edit their own posts? Not being able to correct simple mistakes was a big downside to using Blogger.

  3. Thank you ABSA = As stated, I will participate in the blog as long as possible and will never forget everyone’s kindness in our battle to remain Canadian. I was hoping to outlive the damn separatist movement but it will have to be carried on without me. I’m also afraid at the moment that it is not occupying too much of my limited time but I know that in the end, for the good of all, that Canada will remain much intact even if there is trouble and partition of the province – still the only solution I can see for those that refuse to let one another be a total part of quebec society. Again, please carry on the struggle and know that I will be with you all in spirit. So many nice people involved in this blog and in the nodogsoranglophones community. Be kind to one another. Mario and his gaggle of geese will be made mincemeat of by their own kind which is totally deserved and couldn’t happen to a nicer bigot.

    • @Brodie123 (aka “Cutie”)

      I don’t know how much time you have left so I’ll be brief. As long as there is resentment over the English language, there is going to be reason enough for people to want Quebec to separate from Canada. But the reason why I don’t think this is going to happen is that too many native francophone parents in Quebec want their children to be bilingual and Canadian.

      • I have to hope so Mr. Cunningham – we can be the richest country in the world and get along nicely so I hope it works out this way. Much better together than apart, that’s how I see it.

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