Lisée, the Drunken Sailor

Surprise, surprise.

Yet another Quebec politician caught wielding their political influence for vanity.

I’m no defender of the Liberals.

Though not all allegations brought against them for corruption have been proven true, enough of those charges have proven to us that entitlements and fraud are a bi-partisan disease in Quebec.

There’s only one key difference between the two old parties that rule the roost here – The Parti Québécois chose to position themselves as the white knights of virtue.


That’s all fine and good…until your white knights are found to have a few shit stains on their tunics.

Is Lisée guilty?

I don’t know.

Much as I’d love to think he is and I despise the PQ, we need to see proof first.

But seeing his approach, I can’t help but smell a whiff of Rob Ford in the way Lisée is approaching the matter.

The allegations have only just emerged, and already, Lisée has taken to rouse his cheerleading squad:

Dois-je poursuivre Christine Saint-Pierre en diffamation?

Why do I bring up Rob Ford?

Because when the allegations of his crack smoking initially emerged, he immediately threatened to sue the Toronto Star for defamation.

And then we all saw how that story played out.

Using the “I’m gonna sue you” card is one of the lamest plays out there.

In the case of both Rob Ford and Lisée, it’s little more than a knee-jerk reaction brought on with the hopes that it will trigger a reaction Saint-Pierre’s lizard brain and have her shutdown emotionally.

Not the case.

Saint-Pierre is more astute than that.

Also, when you get right down to it, it’s really got nothing to do with either Saint-Pierre or Lisée.

This is just another PLQ vs. PQ coq fight.

It’s war chest vs. war chest.

Given the PQ’s dismal turn in the last election I’m betting the reds have a far more bloated coin purse than do the blues.

I expected more from Lisée, honestly.

The fight hasn’t even started yet and he’s already played his best card.

What About André?

Which brings us to André Boisclair.

Who in the hell gives up such a plum role in NYC?

Ever been to New York before?

That place is fun. Fun, fun, fun!

But it’s damn expensive.

I mean if we equate the cost of living between NYC to MTL in the street value of drugs, Montreal is the marijuana cost of living while NYC would be the cocaine of cost of living. No idea why using dope  for this example came to mind :-).

Check this out – apartment uno, apartment dos.

Which of these two types of apartments do you think Boisclair would stay in?

You guessed it.

However, I think we can all agree that both apartment uno & dos are expensive in their own right.

Either which way…and I can’t believe Boisclair gave this up.

He was getting paid $173K a year PLUS his rent was covered by the state.

That’s $173K a year spending money…minus $4M in Quebec taxes of course.

I really would like some media outlet to prod Boisclair on why he REALLY needed to leave NYC to sue Jacques Duchesneau.

Seriously, suing someone really isn’t that hard – you file a motion and then you wait…and wait…and wait some more.

I wait…and wait…and wait in the IGA line-up each week and I can still cope with my daily life, so one really has to wonder what’s up with our boy André.


5 thoughts on “Lisée, the Drunken Sailor

  1. For sure – each and every party in this province is as bad as the next one so I wish to hell they would stop with the finger pointing – everyone that can read and hear knows what’s going on. As for Andre, it’s beyond me why the liberals are giving him anything, anything at all, let alone another useless job at taxpayer expense. Don’t any of them ever learn any thing after all that’s gone on with the Charbonneau Commission. Surely, if we look hard enough, we can find some honest people in this province. Maybe wishful thinking on my part. Would love to see a few NEW names in the politics in quebec instead of the same old, same old bums that have sucked the life out of the province and the pockets of the citizens dry.

  2. You do know that the Editor of NDOA initially spent years writing his blog posts into the ether with no comments or responses from anyone before his blog finally caught on. We all know you’re hoping to ride on his coattails, something which is quite admirable, incidentally, but also something that is easier said than done. Hopefully, regular interesting posts from now on will mitigate the hesitancy factor for other people to participate here.

    [P.S.: Please don’t double-space every sentence in order to lengthen your posts. We are all too familiar with a troll who used to abuse that unnecessary technique over at NDOA.]

    • Hi Nick,

      I wouldn’t call it riding coattails, as I have nothing to gain from this other than keeping the No Dogs community alive.

      Truth be told, the doors are open for other former No Dogs readers to be given administrative accounts over this blog so that it becomes about more than just one person, so if I ever decide to quit as Phil did, the blog doesn’t end with me and the community continues on.

      As for the double-spacing of the sentences, sorry, it’s my style and it stays. As someone with ADD, I write the way I am capable of absorbing information.

  3. Hi there: Got out of the hospital today, bad news – not around for the near future but I wanted all of you to know I’m glad I was around for that last round of horrible politics in quebec. Please assist our new “Editor” to keep the community alive even while it is quiet here! This group will always be relevant as long as you live here! Fight back with everything you can for peace and prosperity here in this last rebellious place in North America that would have the unprecedented power to ruin it for everyone else! Don’t ever let that happen to your homes and families because of these bums! You don’t deserve it! Fight on all and good luck. Good luck with the blog Editor and all my best!

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