Whatever will become of the Lost Trolls?

separatist troll

A couple of posts ago, I mentioned the end of the popular blog, No Dogs or Anglophones folded.

With the end of this blog also comes the end of the shameless trollery that had pervaded almost every one of Phil’s posts.

To tell you the truth I was always (guiltily) thankful for their presence.

After all, once they hit that magic “publish” button, their vile trash is there to stay for as long as the Editor sees fit.

In his wisdom, Phil has in some cases allowed for the more vile garbage to remain as a testament to the essentially racist nature of the separatist movement as a whole.

So my question is, what will these pithy little souls do with themselves now that they no longer have their outlet?

S.R dropped out a good while before No Dogs closed and seemed to take the devastating PQ election results particularly badly.


He appeared to take it so hard in fact, that he even stopped updating his Facebook page. S.R, if you’re reading this, please note that this is not No Dogs and you no longer have the Editor’s protection.

And what about Student?

Oh, Student, Student, Student…

Where will you go now?

What I loved best about this little character was his/her dogma (yes, I know we all believed Student was a she near the end, but I do have my doubts).

I can’t remember meeting a separatist so utterly indoctrinated that they were completely unable to see fault in their team’s motives, logic or practices.

There was always an excuse for anything the PQ did.

If the PQ suddenly legalized rape, you can be sure our little dunce-cap wearer would be right there, ready to make the justifications for it.

And what ever happened to Y.L?

I have my suspicions at to Y.L’s identity…and we can play a little game if y’all like.

Go over to Google images, type in Jeunes Patriotes de Quebec and have a peek at what’s there. Pick the person YOU suspect Y.L happens to be and I’ll tell you if you’re hot or cold.

Worry not dear reader, I will not allow these trolls to import their tomfoolery to this blog.

Just as we all waved Pauline Marois goodbye after the electorate set her on an iceberg and cast her out to sea, I guess you can call this my way of bidding farewell to our trolls, as we really never will see them again.


8 thoughts on “Whatever will become of the Lost Trolls?

  1. Way to go ABSA! They were most annoying to say the least although I didn’t mind Michel – he had some good points for the “other” side – the rest were just frustrated bigots that were throwing temper tantrums because they couldn’t get their own way. I’m also happy that you have found the way to leave “comments” at the bottom of your posts – makes it so much easier. Now we have to hope that most of our great contributors will gravitate over here like Apple and AnecTOTE! I see where Mr. Cunningham is also posting under “comments” here and that’s great to see also! If you’re anywhere near as successful as Phil, you will have accomplished a lot! Thank you for taking on this big task and not allowing those infiltrators.

    • It’s my pleasure to try and keep this community alive and now, without the interruptions of our old friends.

      If you happen to have the email addresses for people like AnecTOTE, Apple, cebeuq and others, please steer them
      over here.

      • Wish I did = only one I had was Ed Brown and I deleted that when I realized he was impossible to deal with. Hopefully they will come over = looking forward to hearing from some or all of them.

      • “Wish I did = only one I had was Ed Brown and I deleted that when I realized he was impossible to deal with.”

        Was Ed Brown the guy who apparently found it impossible to create a username so he was always Anomynous and signed his posts “Ed”?

  2. @eddie – Yep – same guy. Always saying Bill 101 is a good law and the liberals in Quebec are not criminals – you just couldn’t talk to the guy. Sees things differently than the rest of the world.

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