Happy Canada Day – Goodbye No Dogs or Anglophones

Canadian flag

As you likely are very well aware, Phil Berlach, long known as ‘The Editor’ before outing himself, has closed up his blog, No Dogs or Anglophones.

I really can’t say I’m surprised.

A hell of a whole lot more work goes into running a blog, a lot more work than people really know.

Furthermore, with the Parti Quebecois taking such a massive hit in the last election and the majority of Quebec’s population clearly declaring itself against blatantly racist legislation as Bill 60,  there really is little to fear for the time being.

Phil’s outro also comes at a time when Mario Beaulieu was elected as leader of the Bloc Quebecois, which is a true gift to federalists.

With the Parti Quebecois in tatters and kept alive mainly by the white-hair vote and the Bloc Quebecois now gone the way of the lunatic fringe, we can declare “mission accomplished” for the time being.

That being said, I salute Phil for his work and dedication and hereby will try to keep the community going in the event that we see any kind of separatist resurgence.

Enjoy your Canada Day today, folks – this year we truly have something to celebrate and the separatists, something to seethe at…but that’s the thing about separatists – when they lose EVERYONE else wins.