Is 50% + 1 for Sovereignty really possible…after only getting 0.73%?

For this post, I really don’t think I need to do a whole lot of writing.

All I have to do is let Option Nationale leader Sol Zanetti throw his best punch at my head, parry and then watch Cap’n Pencil Neck tumble to the floor in broken shame.

Now we ALL know what a painful fall from grace the Parti Quebecois experienced in the last election.

However, their more hardcore compatriots over in Option Nationale suffered such a humiliating defeat, no one in either the federalist or separatist camps saw fit to discuss it.

Such a slight evidently got Monsieur Zanetti’s panties in a bunch.

“We Will Not Be Ignored!!” 

Feel a need to light a fire under the sovereignist movement?

Better Call Sol!

As you can see in the video above, Sol rattles off the same-old tripe about how the government of Canada is running Quebec finances into the ground.

With epic pomp and tact, this diatribal video was timed for release on Canada Day.

Care to guess what kind of reaction a federalist video of this sort would elicit on Saint-Saint-Saint John The Baptist Day?


I could take the time to systematically dismember each of his arguments, but he already knows where he’s wrong in  his statements. 

Contrary what you’d expect in the Youtube comments section for this kind of video-pablum, quite a few voices against the 1984esque mentality showed up for some “debate” [read: overt hatred / xenophobia].

Of course, whenever cold, hard facts were raised about the sovereignist movement’s  glaring lack of integrity or validity, the usual suspects would reply with the very zero-substance counter arguments we all love them for…

1. On the subject of the French army being just as guilty as the British of killing natives:

“Ha OUI !? Quand ça ? Où ça ?”Luc Archambault

2. One commenter stated:

“Malheureusement, le PQ a perdu toute crédibilité lors des dernières élections. Ils sont totalement incapables de faire la promotion de la souveraineté d’une manière cohérente et il y a énormément de chicane à l’intérieur même du parti. Plus jamais je ne voterai PQ. C’est un vieux parti qui a fait son temps et qui devrait se saborder.”

All the seps could muster up as a reply was:

“N’importe quoi.” Monsieur Populaire

3. When this truism was presented to the seps:

“Finalement les indépendantistes, vous êtes tous pareils. Des pleurnichards à la Bernard Drainville qui qualifie le Québec d’accueillant mais qui, tout au contraire, veut le rendre uniforme, assimilateur et xenophobe, et figer tous ces attributs dans une Charte pour tous les temps. Ad vitam aeternam. Amen. Religion, quand tu nous tiens.”

It was responded to with a picture (I guess a worded answer was simply out of reach).


The bottom line of it is, you only need a quick visit of any separatist propaganda video’s comments section will tell you all you need to know about the lunatic fringe’s sovereignist hopes.

The last poll that crossed my desk this year saw support for sovereignty back at the 28% mark – the same number it was at in 2012.

With the Lunatic fringe pulling in only 0.73% of the sovereignist quadrant in the last election, perhaps a more classy approach might win over a few converts than the childish “let’s piss on Canada Day” approach?


…only “un ostie de vendu” or an “assimile” would ever dream of such decorum.


Watership Down: BQ candidates vote “YES” to separating from Mario Beaulieu

Mario Beaulieu bloc quebecoisYou’d figure what happened to the Bloc Québécois back in 2011 was bad enough, right?

And then, Maria Mourani happened.

And then Daniel Paillé happened.

And then there was nary a separatist soul left in the chamber.

Oh yeah…then Mario Beaulieu happened.

In just a few weeks since assuming leadership of the Bloc, Beaulieu has quite the repellent.

Yvon Lévesque, Nicole Demers et Marc Lemay, Luc Desnoyers and Jean-Yves Laforest have all announced that they want NON part of the BQ under Beaulieu’s (anti) vision.

The sixth candidate to bow out is Claude Guimond who declared,  «Ce n’est pas ma vision du Québec» (“This is not my vision of Quebec”).

Is a certain bespectacled politician picking up on the fact that his shit don’t smell like roses?

Mario Beaulieu was crowned king of the Bloc Quebecois during the final days of No Dogs and most federalist readers  (present company included) were hoping with bated breath that nothing would prevent this from happening.

Sure enough exactly what we all expected and wished for, happened.

Not-So-Super Mario has cast a pall of political leprosy on both the BQ and the separatist movement alike.

Let’s face it, if you’re a federalist, an Anglo, an immigrant or a blend of all three, making friends with separatists is something of a challenge.

Even the most moderate separatists sometimes go off on dogmatic tangents that are a total turn off to, well, anyone who’s actually seen something other than what’s contained within the confines of La Belle Pro.

The additional good news to come from this is that we’re seeing proof that despite their sovereignist leanings, some separatists cannot be sold on an independent Quebec if it comes at the cost Mario Beaulieu is proposing.

Not-So-Super Mario’s vision of a closed off, exclusive admission-by-application society is putting Quebec directly on the path to an Eastern-hemisphere version of the pro-Russian seppie squads over in the Ukraine.

Sound like a stretch?


So far no Parti Quebecois rockets have been found to have downed an Air Canada flight…

…but given that some Quebec separatists have gotten wet in the pants over placing deadly bombs in mailboxes and strangling politicians, fostering a brand of division that leads to a more intense form of violence is not that far fetched.

One would come to figure that the failed Charte des Valeurs was enough of a taste-test for the PQ and BQ to understand that extremist steps will not carry the separatist movement very far.

Given that they refuse to learn from their follies, there’s only one thing federalists should and could do: step back and let nature take it’s course.

The ancient military philosopher Sun Tzu once wrote;

“The opportunity to secure ourselves against defeat lies in our own hands, but the opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself.”

Too bad Sun Tzu wasn’t Quebecois…otherwise Marois & co may have heeded his words and fared a little better.

For those of you who questioned Harper’s iron-clad silence during the spring election – the man clearly read up on Tzu.

He stood back and let the PQ boldly go ahead and tie a noose around their own necks, and give their horse a fateful slap on the ass for good measure.

Any honest separatist can admit to his or herself that the lunatic fringe of their movement, or should I call them Hillbilly United, have caused a great deal of harm to Quebec’s ambitions for independence.

They’re unfairly putting moderate separatists in a position where they must choose between their love of Quebec and their desire for it to become an independent state – and depriving others of their essential human rights.

What’s going to happen next has nothing to do with the federalist camp.

The separatist movement is now being forced into a metamorphosis with an outcome that can only be determined by the players in the sovereignist camp.

Chose certaine, whatever that outcome may be, we likely won’t see a separatist movement of the same caliber of

fervency as the movements of 1980 and 1995 for an entire generation to come.

PS – I’d like to take a moment to ask that you all send your warmest wishes to “Brodie” aka, Cutie, who is really not doing so well right now. You really have my warmest regards. Hugs, ASBA.

Lisée, the Drunken Sailor

Surprise, surprise.

Yet another Quebec politician caught wielding their political influence for vanity.

I’m no defender of the Liberals.

Though not all allegations brought against them for corruption have been proven true, enough of those charges have proven to us that entitlements and fraud are a bi-partisan disease in Quebec.

There’s only one key difference between the two old parties that rule the roost here – The Parti Québécois chose to position themselves as the white knights of virtue.


That’s all fine and good…until your white knights are found to have a few shit stains on their tunics.

Is Lisée guilty?

I don’t know.

Much as I’d love to think he is and I despise the PQ, we need to see proof first.

But seeing his approach, I can’t help but smell a whiff of Rob Ford in the way Lisée is approaching the matter.

The allegations have only just emerged, and already, Lisée has taken to rouse his cheerleading squad:

Dois-je poursuivre Christine Saint-Pierre en diffamation?

Why do I bring up Rob Ford?

Because when the allegations of his crack smoking initially emerged, he immediately threatened to sue the Toronto Star for defamation.

And then we all saw how that story played out.

Using the “I’m gonna sue you” card is one of the lamest plays out there.

In the case of both Rob Ford and Lisée, it’s little more than a knee-jerk reaction brought on with the hopes that it will trigger a reaction Saint-Pierre’s lizard brain and have her shutdown emotionally.

Not the case.

Saint-Pierre is more astute than that.

Also, when you get right down to it, it’s really got nothing to do with either Saint-Pierre or Lisée.

This is just another PLQ vs. PQ coq fight.

It’s war chest vs. war chest.

Given the PQ’s dismal turn in the last election I’m betting the reds have a far more bloated coin purse than do the blues.

I expected more from Lisée, honestly.

The fight hasn’t even started yet and he’s already played his best card.

What About André?

Which brings us to André Boisclair.

Who in the hell gives up such a plum role in NYC?

Ever been to New York before?

That place is fun. Fun, fun, fun!

But it’s damn expensive.

I mean if we equate the cost of living between NYC to MTL in the street value of drugs, Montreal is the marijuana cost of living while NYC would be the cocaine of cost of living. No idea why using dope  for this example came to mind :-).

Check this out – apartment uno, apartment dos.

Which of these two types of apartments do you think Boisclair would stay in?

You guessed it.

However, I think we can all agree that both apartment uno & dos are expensive in their own right.

Either which way…and I can’t believe Boisclair gave this up.

He was getting paid $173K a year PLUS his rent was covered by the state.

That’s $173K a year spending money…minus $4M in Quebec taxes of course.

I really would like some media outlet to prod Boisclair on why he REALLY needed to leave NYC to sue Jacques Duchesneau.

Seriously, suing someone really isn’t that hard – you file a motion and then you wait…and wait…and wait some more.

I wait…and wait…and wait in the IGA line-up each week and I can still cope with my daily life, so one really has to wonder what’s up with our boy André.

Whatever will become of the Lost Trolls?

separatist troll

A couple of posts ago, I mentioned the end of the popular blog, No Dogs or Anglophones folded.

With the end of this blog also comes the end of the shameless trollery that had pervaded almost every one of Phil’s posts.

To tell you the truth I was always (guiltily) thankful for their presence.

After all, once they hit that magic “publish” button, their vile trash is there to stay for as long as the Editor sees fit.

In his wisdom, Phil has in some cases allowed for the more vile garbage to remain as a testament to the essentially racist nature of the separatist movement as a whole.

So my question is, what will these pithy little souls do with themselves now that they no longer have their outlet?

S.R dropped out a good while before No Dogs closed and seemed to take the devastating PQ election results particularly badly.


He appeared to take it so hard in fact, that he even stopped updating his Facebook page. S.R, if you’re reading this, please note that this is not No Dogs and you no longer have the Editor’s protection.

And what about Student?

Oh, Student, Student, Student…

Where will you go now?

What I loved best about this little character was his/her dogma (yes, I know we all believed Student was a she near the end, but I do have my doubts).

I can’t remember meeting a separatist so utterly indoctrinated that they were completely unable to see fault in their team’s motives, logic or practices.

There was always an excuse for anything the PQ did.

If the PQ suddenly legalized rape, you can be sure our little dunce-cap wearer would be right there, ready to make the justifications for it.

And what ever happened to Y.L?

I have my suspicions at to Y.L’s identity…and we can play a little game if y’all like.

Go over to Google images, type in Jeunes Patriotes de Quebec and have a peek at what’s there. Pick the person YOU suspect Y.L happens to be and I’ll tell you if you’re hot or cold.

Worry not dear reader, I will not allow these trolls to import their tomfoolery to this blog.

Just as we all waved Pauline Marois goodbye after the electorate set her on an iceberg and cast her out to sea, I guess you can call this my way of bidding farewell to our trolls, as we really never will see them again.

Les Enfants Roi are without protection this time (But neither is the tax payer)


I mean, really – could you ask for any purer form of infantile avarice than what we are presently witnessing with the red-square movement and their continued demands for a freeze on tuition?

Two years after parading through the streets for months claiming that a tuition increase of 69 cents a day was akin to medieval torture, it seems the next generation of Quebec’s entitlement class is gearing up for more disruption.

This time around however, they have little in the way of allies in the national assembly.

Love them or hate them, the Liberals have been voted into power for one very specific reason.

OK, what I meant was TWO specific reasons.

Reason #1 – They’re not the Parti Quebecois

Reason #2 – They stated during the election campaign that they’re not afraid to make some unpopular decisions in the name of kiboshing Quebec’s insane debt.

Let’s boil down the state’s collective debt situation to a more personalized scenario:

I just listened to a podcast interview with a man who, with his wife accrued $109,000 in credit card debt.

He talked about how he and his spouse committed to crushing that debt within 56 payments, and sure enough, they pulled it off – but not without sacrifice.

Mind you this couple had two kids (teenagers), whom they wanted to see in a good financial position once they were out of high school, so they certainly had motivation.

Sacrifices included cutting cable, no more restaurants, no more hosting dinner parties at their home, if one of their cars gave out, that was it for the car.

The kids had their allowances cut, clothes worn until they were completely done and no more visits to the cinema.

If You Didn’t Feel The Recession, You’re Spoiled

Unionized workers, public sector workers…these are the folks who didn’t even realize there was a recession.

While the economy took a massive nosedive and millions around the world lost their jobs, saw their interest rates spike overnight and felt the choking pain of seeing their stock investments plummet to the bottom of the market, the very people who supported the red-square movement were marching in the streets themselves for mandatory year-over-year salary increases.

Merit not required, the state’s financial condition unimportant.

What was important is that THEY thrived, despite the many hardships faced by the taxpayers who were struggling to maintain their own survival.

Quebec is now seeing itself at odds with many groups that rely on public funding.

When recent talks about implementing reforms to public pensions began, the first reaction of some police officers and fire fighters was to light a bonfire at the steps of Montreal city hall.

Also of note, eighty Montreal firefighters retired on the spot, causing the brief closure of two stations (such a move shows me they never gave a damn about the people they served, otherwise they wouldn’t have placed them in a risky situation).

The very people who stepped in to keep the students in order during the first strike are in conflict with the government at the time of this writing.

In the event that the student “leaders” (please don’t make me laugh) call for another one of the “democratic actions” (preventing tax payers from getting to work or being able to enjoy life in general), what can we expect of the state’s police forces?

The Paradox of It All

This time around, the students have no friends in the national assembly.

Even if the Parti Quebecois were to fight in their defence, the students will never trust them again after Marois sold their movement down the river so soon after being elected to power.

The CAQ would very clearly side with the Liberals on this one (save for maybe one or two very minor lip-serice concessions).

This time the government would be in a position the quash this ridiculous “student movement” and finally make them accept their financial responsibilities…

…but with their troops not willing to lend full support to make things happen, this perfect situation is completely spoiled by a mindset that risks keeping Quebec two centuries behind.

Let’s hope Couillard doesn’t give up on his original plan like Charest did and allow the entitlement mentality to thrive at a time with the state is literally falling apart.

Happy Canada Day – Goodbye No Dogs or Anglophones

Canadian flag

As you likely are very well aware, Phil Berlach, long known as ‘The Editor’ before outing himself, has closed up his blog, No Dogs or Anglophones.

I really can’t say I’m surprised.

A hell of a whole lot more work goes into running a blog, a lot more work than people really know.

Furthermore, with the Parti Quebecois taking such a massive hit in the last election and the majority of Quebec’s population clearly declaring itself against blatantly racist legislation as Bill 60,  there really is little to fear for the time being.

Phil’s outro also comes at a time when Mario Beaulieu was elected as leader of the Bloc Quebecois, which is a true gift to federalists.

With the Parti Quebecois in tatters and kept alive mainly by the white-hair vote and the Bloc Quebecois now gone the way of the lunatic fringe, we can declare “mission accomplished” for the time being.

That being said, I salute Phil for his work and dedication and hereby will try to keep the community going in the event that we see any kind of separatist resurgence.

Enjoy your Canada Day today, folks – this year we truly have something to celebrate and the separatists, something to seethe at…but that’s the thing about separatists – when they lose EVERYONE else wins.