Your Powers are Weak, Separatist

vaderLook, let’s square things up right away, shall we…separatists are far from what I’d call a cultivated people.

Not only that, but their manic obsession with separating Quebec from Canada is really starting to normal Quebecois who just wants to live his/her life in peace.

I’m sure that by now you’ve already heard all about the #PQ candidate from Lafontaine who posted the “Fuck Islam” photo on his Facebook page and was quickly dispatched for doing such.

However, at the same time, you had the Gouin candidate, Louise Mailloux calling baptism and circumcision the equivalent of rape and claiming that Kosher food is just scam Rabbis use to line their pockets and finance terrorist activity.

Despite these barbs, Mailloux is still in the running and Marois has even defended Mailloux’s position.

So why did “Fuck Islam” cost one candidate his job while the other candidate stays on?

Two reasons.

Reason one: Jean Carriere, the “Fuck Islam” guy is black. By bringing him on in the first place, the #PQ appears “open and tolerant” to “les autres.” However, the second their coloured token commits his faux-pas, they have every reason and right to can him (and not look racist for doing it). So they get to rid themselves of a candidate they never really wanted and hammer home the point that they supposedly don’t put up with intolerance.

Now the reason they haven’t shit-canned Mailloux for doing what Carriere did isn’t just for the fact that she’s white and “pure.” It also has to do with the fact that she is the #PQ’s best shot at usurping Francoise David in the riding of Gouin. Yes, that’s how desperate they are to get David out of  the picture – they will field an openly racist candidate to get the job done.

Let me tell you something about Gouin (I used to live there).

It’s a very nice place, and close to  the Jean-Talon market (which I adore), however, it’s also a separatist hotbed.

This is  also the Montreal district that uber-racists, Loco Locass call home – which in itself is very telling.

You only need to spend a few hours at either Le Petit Medley or the Edgar Hypertaverne (both owned by the same French scumbag who left France to come here and support our separatists by getting them drunk), to hear what some of the people from this region really feel about “les autres.”

The minute you’re walking south of the Jean-Talon market, which is in a multicultural neighborhood, things start getting very white and very uniligual. You start seeing those “Le Quebec: Un Nouveau Pays Pour Le Monde” signs and quite a few balconies. 

What this means is, it’s prime PQ territory and has been for decades. From 1976 to 2008, the PQ has been voted into office. In the ’95 referendum, the district voted almost 60% for the OUI camp. 

No wonder Matante Popo wants this enclave back so badly – she knows that in their heart of hearts, the venom spewed by Mailloux is what they believe too.

One can only hope that mounting pressure from outside of the Gouin riding will continue to dog the PQ until they finally ditch this turd…otherwise, if Mailloux does get into office, you will have a very clear picture of the type of person who calls Gouin home.