How to shut down Pierre Karl Péladeau & the #PQ

parti quebecorNot too happy to be giving your money to a separatist?

At the bottom of the page is an explanation of WHY PKP joined the PQ.

There is a silver lining to all this, in case you were wondering.

You’re not alone. First, here is a breakdown of Péladeau’s shares in Quebecor  

Here is a list of Péladeau-owned properties via Quebecor.

Like reading your news each day? Guess what kind of news you’ll be reading now that Péladeau wants you to vote for him? If you have a subscription to any of his newspapers, it’s cancellation time. Also, no more placing classified ads on his sites. That’s what Craigslist is  for:

Listed are their social media pages so you can publicly state why you’re withdrawing your money:

Videotron At the time I write this, HUNDREDS of angry anti-PQ voters had visited to Videotron page to announce that they are cutting their service. DO NOT just cut your service, be sure to also flood the page to tell them why.

Canoe Network

Toronto Sun

London Free Press

Ottawa Sun

Le Journal de Quebec

Winnipeg Sun

Calgary Sun

Edmonton Sun

Archambault on Facebook Ever hear of a site called Amazon? It’s got a great selection of books and they cost a LOT less than what you’d pay for them at your local Archambault book store. Plus Jeff Bezos, unlike Pierre Karl Péladeau, is a self-made billionaire. He didn’t need to inheret his wealth because he actually knows how to run a business and make money.

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Le Journal de Montreal

On why Pierre Karl Péladeau joined the PQ:

Going into the election, the Parti Québecois’ core (and pretty sole) campaign platform was their ultra-racist “charte des valeurs.”

For some pundits, Bill 60 was strong enough for the PQ to coast to an easy majority – that is until reality kicked in.

A CROP poll showed that for 46% of Quebec voters, the economy is what matters most. while Bill 60 was a top-priority for only 8% of voters.

I do have to hand it to Marois. She is one crafty politician and is quite agile when it comes to switching gears at the most opportune of times. Just a couple of days after it was revealed that her central platform wasn’t enough, she unveiled a heavyweight in the form of PKP.

But whereas Marois is indeed a pro when it comes to the swerve, her greatest downfall has always been her arrogance.

Yes, Marois did score some serious points, however it just might have been too detrimental to her bottom line. 

PKP, in being who he is, is completely the opposite of what the PQ is supposed to stand for. Already, the party’s most ardent support base, the unions, namely the FTQ have turned their backs on the party. It’s very likely that Quebec Solidaire will benefit from that.

I sincerely believe that  Pauline Marois is exhausted and exasperated and that her bringing PKP on is for transitional purposes.

Ce qui me fait rire: Separatists who seriously think we fear them.

Avis à tous : depuis l’annonce de la candidature de PKP au #PQ, les analystes fédéralistes sont en panique.

Tweets like the one above are an example of the sentiment among separatists who believe we’re afraid of them. Fact, even when these people were putting bombs in mailboxes we weren’t afraid of them. Trudeau proved that on our behalf.

What’s truly scary is that such a financially-powerful individual is running for politics and continues to have control over his massive media empire.

What’s even scarier is the number of separatists who are openly admitting – even gloating, that Péladeau is in a position to manipulate the public in favor of the sovereignist agenda.

They openly admit that winning their cause fairly and ethically is not important and that achieving sovereignty is to be achieved by any means necessary, morals and principles be damned.

This dear readers is why we need to hobble the Quebecor empire and leave Péladeau with two choices: quit politics or sell all of your shares. 

Anyone who tells me that Péladeau is not in a conflict of interest should pay closer attention to what is going on. PKP’s first move after declaring his candidacy was to fire one of his federalist columnists. His second move was to offer the documentary on Pauline Marois for free to Videotron subscribers.