Your Powers are Weak, Separatist

vaderLook, let’s square things up right away, shall we…separatists are far from what I’d call a cultivated people.

Not only that, but their manic obsession with separating Quebec from Canada is really starting to normal Quebecois who just wants to live his/her life in peace.

I’m sure that by now you’ve already heard all about the #PQ candidate from Lafontaine who posted the “Fuck Islam” photo on his Facebook page and was quickly dispatched for doing such.

However, at the same time, you had the Gouin candidate, Louise Mailloux calling baptism and circumcision the equivalent of rape and claiming that Kosher food is just scam Rabbis use to line their pockets and finance terrorist activity.

Despite these barbs, Mailloux is still in the running and Marois has even defended Mailloux’s position.

So why did “Fuck Islam” cost one candidate his job while the other candidate stays on?

Two reasons.

Reason one: Jean Carriere, the “Fuck Islam” guy is black. By bringing him on in the first place, the #PQ appears “open and tolerant” to “les autres.” However, the second their coloured token commits his faux-pas, they have every reason and right to can him (and not look racist for doing it). So they get to rid themselves of a candidate they never really wanted and hammer home the point that they supposedly don’t put up with intolerance.

Now the reason they haven’t shit-canned Mailloux for doing what Carriere did isn’t just for the fact that she’s white and “pure.” It also has to do with the fact that she is the #PQ’s best shot at usurping Francoise David in the riding of Gouin. Yes, that’s how desperate they are to get David out of  the picture – they will field an openly racist candidate to get the job done.

Let me tell you something about Gouin (I used to live there).

It’s a very nice place, and close to  the Jean-Talon market (which I adore), however, it’s also a separatist hotbed.

This is  also the Montreal district that uber-racists, Loco Locass call home – which in itself is very telling.

You only need to spend a few hours at either Le Petit Medley or the Edgar Hypertaverne (both owned by the same French scumbag who left France to come here and support our separatists by getting them drunk), to hear what some of the people from this region really feel about “les autres.”

The minute you’re walking south of the Jean-Talon market, which is in a multicultural neighborhood, things start getting very white and very uniligual. You start seeing those “Le Quebec: Un Nouveau Pays Pour Le Monde” signs and quite a few balconies. 

What this means is, it’s prime PQ territory and has been for decades. From 1976 to 2008, the PQ has been voted into office. In the ’95 referendum, the district voted almost 60% for the OUI camp. 

No wonder Matante Popo wants this enclave back so badly – she knows that in their heart of hearts, the venom spewed by Mailloux is what they believe too.

One can only hope that mounting pressure from outside of the Gouin riding will continue to dog the PQ until they finally ditch this turd…otherwise, if Mailloux does get into office, you will have a very clear picture of the type of person who calls Gouin home.



Countdown to Destruction: The Inevitable #PQ Implosion is Already Happening

In being the political junkie that I am, people often turn to me to explain to them how the political game functions or to get the 411 on certain political situations.

Case in point: a completely non-political co-worker once asked me what was up with the PQ, are they left or right-wing he asked.

“Neither” was my reply.

They’re a coalition of all sides of the political spectrum with the sole purpose of separating Quebec from Canada as their mandate.

“Really?” he asked me looking confused.

Yes really. Can’t say I blame him for his confusion. After all, I for one have never seen anything like this anywhere else – and with good reason: it’s a design that pretty much guarantees failure.

There’s a reason politics are typically divided into different groups: because despite our best wishes to all get-along and respect another’s differences, we don’t live in a perfect world.

It’s just human nature – we want to remain partial to our ideals and as such, we’ll band together with other people who share our ideals.

The recent announcement of #PKP as a candidate for the #PQ pretty much guarantees failure for not only the party’s future, but for the sovereignist vote.

I thought the disintegration of the party might start after the election, but it’s begun only two days after PKP’s nomination by way of the PQ’s socialist division, the SPQ-Libre.

«C’est avec raison que la FTQ le [PKP] qualifie de “l’un des pires employeurs que le Québec ait connus” is the damaging missive PQ MNAs Marc Laviolette and Pierre Dubuc had to say about their running mate.

I don’t know about you, but that would make for a very awkward enviroment.

One would have to guess that Laviolette couldn’t live with himself after having praised his long-time enemy and as a result, alienating not only his core political supporters, but also his family, friends and his community.

At the time I write this piece, Marois PR squad has yet to address the internal attack, but they’ll have to act fast as this will certainly lead to the formation of internal factions, which have undermined the party in the past.

If you follow social media at all (check out the following tags on Twitter: #PQ #qc2014 #polqc), you’ll see that while many ultra-partisan separatists have cooked up a wealth of excuses to sacrifice their beliefs, quite a few feel betrayed.

Some adhere to the old adage that those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it.

The fresh rift that has opened between the SPQ-Libre and PKP is destined to engulf a few other players on the team. For instance, during the “Maple Spring” that overtook Quebec, PKP had given the order to his Journal de Montreal columnists, Richard Martineau and Mathieu Bock-Côté to attack Léo Bureau-Blouin and Martine Desjardins every chance they had.

Given the litany of ink both writers spilled to slander Blouin and Desjardins, I don’t believe they’ll forget that order any time soon. Yet, there they’ll be, sitting by his side.

And let us not forget another high-profile socialist in the PQ ranks – Jean-François Lisée author of a book, Comment mettre la droite K.-O. en 15 arguments, which attacks PKP at his very core.

Aside from having polarized political points of view, many saw Lisée as the heir apparent to Marois’ throne.

This is the conflict that will prove most damaging. Lisée and Péladeau both have enormous egos and from what I’ve observed of both men, they are textbook psychopaths. In the event that you are not familiar with the traits of psychopaths, they have little to no regard for others.

What this means is that these two psychopaths will stop at nothing to achieve their goal, even if it means destroying their party and burning the sovereignist movement to the ground.

Chose certaine, the separatists have never been known for their patience and you can count on a bloodbath very shortly after the election.

It will amount to the Libya factor.

When the people of Libya rose together to dethrone and ultimately lynch Muammar Gaddafi, many observers were fearful. Sure, they were happy that Libya would finally be freed of Gaddafi’s rule, however the people usurping him belonged to several tribes with many centuries of conflict.

Sure enough, soon after Gaddafi’s government fell, the tribes that worked together suddenly turned on each other to battle over the spoils.


How to shut down Pierre Karl Péladeau & the #PQ

parti quebecorNot too happy to be giving your money to a separatist?

At the bottom of the page is an explanation of WHY PKP joined the PQ.

There is a silver lining to all this, in case you were wondering.

You’re not alone. First, here is a breakdown of Péladeau’s shares in Quebecor  

Here is a list of Péladeau-owned properties via Quebecor.

Like reading your news each day? Guess what kind of news you’ll be reading now that Péladeau wants you to vote for him? If you have a subscription to any of his newspapers, it’s cancellation time. Also, no more placing classified ads on his sites. That’s what Craigslist is  for:

Listed are their social media pages so you can publicly state why you’re withdrawing your money:

Videotron At the time I write this, HUNDREDS of angry anti-PQ voters had visited to Videotron page to announce that they are cutting their service. DO NOT just cut your service, be sure to also flood the page to tell them why.

Canoe Network

Toronto Sun

London Free Press

Ottawa Sun

Le Journal de Quebec

Winnipeg Sun

Calgary Sun

Edmonton Sun

Archambault on Facebook Ever hear of a site called Amazon? It’s got a great selection of books and they cost a LOT less than what you’d pay for them at your local Archambault book store. Plus Jeff Bezos, unlike Pierre Karl Péladeau, is a self-made billionaire. He didn’t need to inheret his wealth because he actually knows how to run a business and make money.

BlooBuzz Games

Le Journal de Montreal

On why Pierre Karl Péladeau joined the PQ:

Going into the election, the Parti Québecois’ core (and pretty sole) campaign platform was their ultra-racist “charte des valeurs.”

For some pundits, Bill 60 was strong enough for the PQ to coast to an easy majority – that is until reality kicked in.

A CROP poll showed that for 46% of Quebec voters, the economy is what matters most. while Bill 60 was a top-priority for only 8% of voters.

I do have to hand it to Marois. She is one crafty politician and is quite agile when it comes to switching gears at the most opportune of times. Just a couple of days after it was revealed that her central platform wasn’t enough, she unveiled a heavyweight in the form of PKP.

But whereas Marois is indeed a pro when it comes to the swerve, her greatest downfall has always been her arrogance.

Yes, Marois did score some serious points, however it just might have been too detrimental to her bottom line. 

PKP, in being who he is, is completely the opposite of what the PQ is supposed to stand for. Already, the party’s most ardent support base, the unions, namely the FTQ have turned their backs on the party. It’s very likely that Quebec Solidaire will benefit from that.

I sincerely believe that  Pauline Marois is exhausted and exasperated and that her bringing PKP on is for transitional purposes.

Ce qui me fait rire: Separatists who seriously think we fear them.

Avis à tous : depuis l’annonce de la candidature de PKP au #PQ, les analystes fédéralistes sont en panique.

Tweets like the one above are an example of the sentiment among separatists who believe we’re afraid of them. Fact, even when these people were putting bombs in mailboxes we weren’t afraid of them. Trudeau proved that on our behalf.

What’s truly scary is that such a financially-powerful individual is running for politics and continues to have control over his massive media empire.

What’s even scarier is the number of separatists who are openly admitting – even gloating, that Péladeau is in a position to manipulate the public in favor of the sovereignist agenda.

They openly admit that winning their cause fairly and ethically is not important and that achieving sovereignty is to be achieved by any means necessary, morals and principles be damned.

This dear readers is why we need to hobble the Quebecor empire and leave Péladeau with two choices: quit politics or sell all of your shares. 

Anyone who tells me that Péladeau is not in a conflict of interest should pay closer attention to what is going on. PKP’s first move after declaring his candidacy was to fire one of his federalist columnists. His second move was to offer the documentary on Pauline Marois for free to Videotron subscribers.

Bilan watch – élections 2014 (Je Me Souviens)

Pour ceux qui ne veulent pas un autre quatre ans de noirceur pour le Québec:
Marois se défend d’avoir évité les médias lors du déclenchement des élections – Marois a promis de répondre aux questions plus tard en campagne, mais aucun point de presse était prévu le premier jour de la campagne.
FTQ: Marois et Blanchet forcés de témoigner en commission parlementaire   – Le déclenchement des élections  épargnerait cependant le couple Marois-Blanchet de cet exercice de reddition de comptes.
« On va parler à Pauline » – Michel Arsenault
Ceux qui ne veulent pas de référendum peuvent voter PQ, dit Marois – Mme Marois a aussi mis de côté son projet de loi sur la citoyenneté, dénoncé notamment par son candidat Pierre Céré. Au lieu de le déposer à l’Assemblée nationale, elle laisserait les militants en débattre dans le cadre de la consultation sur le livre blanc.
Marois ne veut pas débattre en anglais – Pauline Marois veux être à la tête d’un pays, mais pas assez confortable pour un débat en anglais! Pas fort!
«On n’a pas été bons» – L’aveu de Marceau dont se délecte l’opposition – Après avoir promis à plusieurs reprises que le déficit zéro serait atteint en 2013-2014, le gouvernement Marois s’est résigné à annoncer un déficit de 2,5 milliards $!
Pauline Marois promet d’annuler la hausse des droits de scolarité (7 septembre 2012) —->>> Droits de scolarité: vers une hausse de 70$ par année (25 février 2013)

martine desjardins pauline marois

Leo bureau blouin

Hausse d’impôts rétroactive: le PQ proposera «un compromis» – Le ministre des Finances, Nicolas Marceau, proposera «un compromis» pour calmer la colère des milieux d’affaires et des contribuables ulcérés par l’idée qu’on puisse augmenter les impôts de façon rétroactive.
Le PQ fait marche arrière sur la taxe santé – Le gouvernement Marois fait marche arrière sur un de ses engagements: la taxe santé de 200$ par contribuable, tant décriée par les péquistes, s’appliquera finalement pour l’année fiscale 2012.
Quand le PQ promettait des élections à date fixe – Quand il a présenté le projet de loi 3 le 7 novembre 2012, le ministre responsable des institutions démocratiques, Bernard Drainville, a déclaré qu’il visait à « réparer le lien de confiance » entre la population et la classe politique.   


Daniel Breton hésite à appuyer son parti sur Anticosti et huit jours plus tard… 
Daniel Breton défend la position du PQ sur Anticosti (VIDÉO)

daniel breton parti quebecois