Essential Links For You to Know About Going Into the Elections

In 2012, the infamous welfare slob known as l’Obstineuse launched the site in hoping to shame the incumbent party out of office in favor of her own personal favorites, the PQ.

The ultimate irony being that many of the transgressions listed against the Liberals on Obstineuse’s site were committed multiple times over by the Parti Quebecois since they took power (and long before it, as the Charbonneau Commission has revealed).

Guess you kind of have to let those kinds of details slide when you’re in the employ of your favorite political party, huh?

You’d have to be suffering from a pretty severe case of brain damage to not be aware that the elections WILL happen. 

So with that in mind, I thought it fit to create a post that serves as it’s own laundry list of transgressions from the PQ side.

This is a team effort folks.

Just post your links in the comments section and I will sift and classify them as quickly as I can.

Some starter links:

The Biggest Scam in Quebec’s Electoral History is on the Horizon:

If Marois manages to call an election before testifying at the very commission she pushed for over a two-year period, it will no doubt go down in Quebec electoral history as one of the raunchiest swindles by any past politicians. That’s why, all separatists must be forced to face up to this fact and not allow Matante Popo to slime her way out of what is her destiny.

Over-Stepping the line

We all know how badly the OQLF can embarrass itself, but this time, they’re violating their own policies. By ordering a Quebec-based business to advertise in French on Facebook, they’ve over-stepped the line. Facebook is based in California, NOT Quebec and as such, all content is subject to the Facebook terms of service.

I don’t know if Facebook has a French version of its Terms of Service, but the OQLF would best start reading it and realizing they’ve issued a fine that is 100% illegitimate and that Eva Cooper is in no way legally obligated to pay it.

A perfect example of the low-grade quality of PQ candidates – Léo Bureau Blouin in “street action” before taking office:

Anti-Canadian section / Section anti-canadienne:


8 thoughts on “Essential Links For You to Know About Going Into the Elections

  1. Why not mention that lady from Chelsea and the fact that the PQ are trying to police the internet? Surely they can’t agree that this is a court case for Quebec to be involved in. I will try to find the link from today’s Citizen if you’re interested.

  2. I still can’t post a comment, but you might want to take a look at the Canada Day Google Doodle that was posted the other day. If you missed it, go to the Google Doodle archives and you’ll see it. Very nice—shows that the ROC is willing to celebrate the same ethnic diversity that Quebec is running away from.

  3. Yes, can’t seem to post under your comment ABSA – when you type in search “comments” all comments come up. Hope you’re able to correct this – would love to see the blog keep going.

  4. This seems to be the only place to comment ABSA – as to your post 3 July, we are in for far more labour strife with even the cops going out over their pensions. There is not one union in this province, as far as I can tell, that is willing to give up one damn thing and will still insist on pay increases because, as usual, Quebec talks the talk but is unwilling to walk the walk. All these unions are going to paralize the government without a second thought to the economy. “Not in my backyard” will be the battle cry of every one of them and there will be strikes like we’ve never seen before. Couillard is going to have to be very strong for the next couple of years or this province is headed downhill even more, if possible. Do they have the guts to cut some of the unnecessary positions in their own government? There are lots of them such as those embassies all over the world that are totally unnecessary but I strongly doubt it.Take an ax to these positions and that would be just a start.

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